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  1. Tour Annoucement (6/24/17)

    I can certainly say that I was quite annoyed when they announced the second night. I spent for airfare, a car and a 6th row seat for what was hyped as the 'last' show in the tour. Then once they sell it out there is miraculously a second show announced.....this may be the way the 'game' is played but it is disingenuous to the fans and really makes it feel like a cash grab. Will i buy a ticket for the 2nd night? 95% + chance that i will because I wanted to be at the last show. My guess is that more than 50% of the people going to the original 'last show' will be also going to the 2nd night and that is likely a low estimate...had I known this was going to happen i would have bought a 'cheap' seat for the 1st night and a really good seat for the last night....
  2. Tour Annoucement (6/24/17)

    I thought about it for just a short time before deciding I needed to do this. There are just too many variables in life to not take advantage of some things and this is one of them. That said, I am fortunate to be at a point in my life where I can afford to shell out some $ and organize the ticket, flight and car plus any other misc. expenses. Will it be a better show than I saw June 3rd at home? I dunno but it will be fun....
  3. Sorry to have been away from this for so long! This is why I need to be retired now so I can get to the things that are the most important....I will start formulating some thoughts on these two. Randy
  4. Tour Annoucement (6/24/17)

    Well, I decided to travel to LA for the Hollywood Bowl show. Being the last in the tour and being close to home maybe they will pull out some special songs. It is highly unlikely there will be a '50th Anniversary' tour and short of the possibility of a small venue Wildflowers tour (which I still hope happens!) or a new album tour this may be the last big show for this wonderful band. I saw them in St. Paul and the show was a bit short (1 hour 50 min) and they stuck with the standard set list. They were engaged and looked to be having fun but it was a show in the middle of a large tour where they are playing almost nightly so it is hard to expect them to go all out. This show (Hollywood Bowl) may be different with them knowing they get a break afterwards. Anyways, that is my hope.
  5. Do you think they'll play It's Good To Be King?

    I honestly don't see this one played this time around as it is from the Wildflowers album and Tom has stated that he would still like to do a small venue WF tour because most the songs from WF are not meant for arena sized concert venues. This is also the one LP that is not being sold individually from the recent box set #2 which also lends itself to hopefully the 'deluxe' WF set we have waited a number of years for. Finding Out would be a great tune for a large venue but as much as I would love to hear a live version of Pirate's Cove that will likely not happen either for the same reason...best done in a smaller venue. I, like many, would love them to dig deep for this tour as it may be the last large tour for these guys. It would be great if they had a song request poll on the HC site and the fans could at least influence one song of the set list....
  6. Email them again. They are very good about responding. The downloads come from Warner and the Fenway show is 48/24 and the Mudcrutch live material was 96/24. Excellent material particularly the Mudcrutch 'concert'. I would have loved more from the shows at the Fonda but they stitch it together so it sounds like it was one show. Randy
  7. Mudcrutch Boot - New York 6/10/16

    It would be cool if someone had the Sunday night show from the Fonda Theater. Stephen Stills showed up and played the last two songs with them. It was a very electric night and having gone to both nights it was really a special show. Randy aka Earl Thomas
  8. Mudcrutch Boot - Philadelphia 6/7/2016

    Pm sent for this!
  9. Mudcrutch Boot - New York 6/10/16

    PM sent...this is way too cool!
  10. 2017 Tour Buzz

    Here's to hoping they do a residency in some venues....
  11. new Tom Petty song coming to Tom Petty Radio

    Is there any indication if this could be the beginning of a new TPATH album? ET
  12. Mudcrutch tour CD Redemption email

    Got both CD's today for the concert tickets I bought. My vinyl with T shirt came yesterday. The FLAC files are a real bonus for me as they are in 48khz/24bit which after a bit of work will play as lossless Alac files at 48/24. btw...if you download the Pono Music World player from Pono you can play FLAC files in their native form and it also has a converter built in to convert them to other formats.
  13. Mudcrutch 2 uturn audio or bit plus turntable Giveaway

    Thanks! I went and commented for a chance to win.....
  14. Mudcrutch tour CD Redemption email

    I am going to the LA show both nights and got an email for the cd's. They should arrive tomorrow. I also pre-ordered the vinyl bundle which should be here tomorrow as well...I needed the T-shirt for the show, right? I also understand the hi-res files wil be available on PONO tomorrow too....ET
  15. RIP Prince

    RIP Prince Rogers Nelson. He put Minneapolis on the Music World Map. I still cannot believe it. (My Brother went to school with him for 1 year and was actually his lab partner in Biology.)