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  1. It's cute and it's not $45!! $14.90! 😊 It hope they have one that will fit Forever 58! Hahaha!
  2. I think they pulled the tee because I can't find it anymore. BOO!
  3. 😄 Maybe! It would be nice, huh? Would a 21 year old even know who Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers are?
  4. I love the covers! ❤
  5. Ron Blair's new look! He looks fantastic!
  6. I love Ron's new look! He looks awesome!
  7. IMG-2916.PNG

    Ron Blair
  8. That was Ron! Look closer!
  9. The best I can do is give you my top 9 after Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers in no particular order because I can't pick who comes next. I wouldn't want to give up any one of them. Aerosmith Collective Soul INXS The Beatles The Rolling Stones Matchbox Twenty Jason Sinay The Dirty Knobs The Bangles
  10. This is what was played. I think what I would want to see more than anything is the Waiting For Tonight. That must have been epic! I can't believe this song was never played live! Setlist: “Refugee” — Randy Newman “You Wreck Me” — George Strait “American Girl” — Elle King “Hometown Blues” — Taj Mahal “Time to Move On” — Norah Jones “You Don’t Know How It Feels” — Jones “Honey Bee” — Foo Fighters “Break Down” — Foo Fighters and Gary Clark Jr. “Walls” — The Lumineers “Mary Jane's Last Dance” — Cage the Elephant “The Waiting” — Jackson Browne “Learning to Fly” — Browne “Rebels” — Lucinda Williams “Good Enough” — Gary Clark Jr. “I Forgive It All” — Regina Spektor “Southern Accents” — Lucinda Williams “Love is a Long Road” — Jakob Dylan “You Got Lucky” — The Head and the Heart “Listen to Her Heart” — The Shelters “Free Fallin’” — Don Henley “Wildflowers” — Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen “Waiting for Tonight” — Tom Petty with the Bangles “Don’t Come Around Here No More” — Petty with the Bangles “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” — Petty and Stevie Nicks “Insider” — Petty and Nicks “I Won’t Back Down” — Jeff Lynne “Runnin’ Down a Dream” — Petty
  11. That is so cool. I loved Tom's speech! He was trying to be good. Hahaha! He looks great! I hope we get to see some more of the performances.
  12. Yay! I can't wait! I've got the recorder all set! I love it when Tom talks to Cool People! Hey BT Dude, how come they never replay those shows? They are so good!
  13. I'm sorry for your loss, Nurk.
  14. That is so nice to hear, Beth. Im glad you have her right by your side. I hope Fred is better now. The poor man is a tough cookie! Wow, he's been through a lot! I'm sending the warmest thoughts and prayers for Fred and peace and strength for you.
  15. Happy New Year, Farmers!!
  16. That's awesome Beth! You two will be great!
  17. I would love to hear them open with Big Weekend or Travelin'.
  18. Oooh, Christmas themed shows!
  19. Well, I'm sorry you guys, when I posted the link I could have sworn the entire interview was there I had listened to. It was at least 30 minutes long. If I come across it again I will try to record and post it because it was really good! From what I can recall, Tom said they may add onto the tour if they feel up to it. After all, they are old guys! (His words) Haha! He wants to do the Wildflowers themed tour but in smaller theater type venues. He hasn't got it together yet. No Wildflower re-release till next year. He is very busy these days. He also wants to produce the Shelters second album.....the Buried Treasure show.....there was someone else he wanted to produce to but I forget who. David asked why they are doing the 40th Anniversary tour in the 41st year and Tom said, because that's just how they do things! Then he laughed. Basically, he is just very, very busy! He's trying to fit in everything he wants to do but it's a lot. And he's and old guy! Give him a break! 😃
  20. Did any of you listen to this interview? Anybody?
  21. I had a little trouble today and got locked out after about 5 minutes of trying. It was weird because I didn't really get locked out of other shows, just Tampa. The best I did on the floor was row 11 and I kept pulling up the very same seats over and over in section 129. They were good but Thurston is not my guy! Haha! Anyway, I ended up logging into the Google browser and I was back in business for about 5 minutes! What the heck? I was so frustrated! I tried one more time in Internet Explorer and that worked! I logged into TM again and was able to use the interactive map and choose my section and my seats! I ended up with seats a little higher than I wanted but I think it will be good! I got section 118 - Row K on the rail on the stage side. There will be nobody next to us and hopefully no drunks running in and out! My advice to all is if you get locked up, try a different browser and for me, internet explorer was best in navigating TM showing the interactive seating chart. Good luck to all!
  22. So, did everyone get their pre-sale password?
  23. Yikes, that's scary Beth and a good lesson to share! I'm glad everything turned out okay!