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  1. I heard Swingin' yesterday. It was really good!
  2. Thank you for the review and pictures! It sounds like a great show and I'm happy you had a good time! It looked like you met a lot of nice people too!
  3. What did you get? 🤗
  4. Happy Birthday, Nurk! I hope you have a happy day, my friend! 🎈🎈🎈🎈
  5. It sure would! I wish it wasn't so expensive anymore.
  6. Oh, okay! Gosh, I miss the old timers.
  7. Cool, Nurk! Where did you see Johni?
  8. The Hollywood Bowl is such a cool place to see them play. I miss the good old days of traveling for concerts. It was so much fun!
  9. Sooooo, it's Saturday night, where is the big announcement?
  10. I listened to this interview yesterday. It was good! Benmont is such a cool guy and downplays his own talent. I loved they lyrics he put to Wobbles. I hope he will release it officially.
  11. I would love to see her become a regular DJ! I have always loved The Bangles anyway and was very impressed by their talent so it was interesting to see where some of her influences came from in her music and who her heroes are. She listens to her music in the same way I do so I loved her commentary. Great stuff!
  12. Great pictures, Nurk! Glad you had a good time! It looks like you had great seats!
  13. This was such a great show. Some of Susanna's picks sent me straight to iTunes for Jeepster and Mrs Robinsson! She was great!