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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. Dude, I think you need to take a hike! 😡
  3. Today is premier day!! 🤗 9:09 AM ET!
  4. Cool, Nurk! Thanks!
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  6. I think you can get it for streaming only. I have the full package and have streaming on my phone. It's nice to have at work.
  7. Beth, please come back and tell us about your show! Have fun! I know you are gonna love it!
  8. Nurk, The Beatles are finally going to have their own channel on Sirius/XM starting May 18th! I can't wait! 🤗
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  10. My Tampa Review - 5/6/17 I went to the show with Amber this year. She came down from Georgia on Thursday and we spent a couple of windy days on the beach before coming over to Tampa on Saturday. The only other fan we managed to meet up with was DannyMac and only for a few minutes but we had a lot of fun! We sat on the side about half way up on Mike and Benmonts side in row K. They were great seats and we were just high enough to see over Benmont's piano. We could see everyone great! Joe Walsh was just a great opener and I don't think anybody skipped his show as the arena was totally full to the very brim! People just love Joe. He's funny and very talented. He's a great singer and guitarist and just so interesting to watch. I love the way he makes his guitar talk and growl. Joe had a lot of equipment on the stage to accommodate two full drum sets for two drummers, 4 backup singers and a full band. One of my favorite moments was Joe's tribute to Glen Frye when he did Take It To The Limit. It was so touching. After Joe's set the roadies came in to take down all of the equipment and move the Heartbreakers stuff up. There was so much equipment they had to use a forklift to take it all down! We were wondering where Benmont's piano was and finally saw it sitting way to the back of the stage turned to the corner. Once they got it moved up they had trouble getting the sound to work on the piano. They finally got it or thought they did but when Benmont tried to play, no sound came out! He had the organs but no piano. The roadies were scrambling to get it working and were crawling under the piano and all along the edge following the cables back to the control panel. This went on for 3 or 4 songs. Benmont even came down off his perch a couple of time to say, what the hell, guys!! I'm sure he said more than that but I'm guessing. Haha! They finally got it working and all was good. Even without the piano, the music sounded great to me! Benmont was all smiles last night, the cornerstone of the band. The guys were totally on fire and the energy from the sold out crowd was amazing! Everyone was on their feet, dancing and singing all the songs at the top of their lungs! 16,000 people! It was GREAT! Can you imagine how much that meant to the guys? Some of you may be disappointed that this is another greatest hits tour but the people in that arena were happy and they had the time of their lives! I love, love, LOVE hearing the crowd sing those songs! They started off with Rockin' Around With You and Tom said it was their first song off of their first album and they played clips from the Rockpalast concert from 1977 on the big screen in the background. It was so cool! My favorites were Rockin' Around With You, You got Lucky, Walls (Tom played harmonica), Wildflowers, Yer So Bad, I Should Have Known It and I will admit, I loved, It's Good to Be Freaking King! The jam was dreamy!! Tom played his Wildflower guitar, the one with the Wildflower sticker from the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. On and You Don't Know How if Feels is fun to sing with 16,000 people!! Let's get to the point, let's roll another joint.....just awesome! Tom was bright and happy and truly touched by the reception of love. He doesn't run around on stage anymore but he still has a lot of energy and he looked great! He was so cute dancing with the Webb Sisters. I liked what they added to the show but it was still kind of weird to see girls on the stage but they were good. Mike was in such a great mood, joking and messing with Chinner and all the guys and he is just a freaking BADASS! LOVE MC!! I just think it is so wonderful that these guys can draw a sellout crowd to an arena when they are in their later 60's!! And they deserve all the glory. I don't think this is their last tour! It's too much fun! Here are a couple of pictures from my perch. They aren't very good but you can see a little. The globes above the stage moved up and down and changed colors. They were really pretty. I picked up the poster at the show. It was $15. The t-shirts were $40 and $50!! I did not get one.
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  13. I will come back with my Tampa review later this evening but I can tell you right now, none if it was a bummer! It was pure joy and fun for this fan! I love them! ❤️🤗👍