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  1. I'd say she's a good girl who loves her momma and is crazy about Elvis..loves horses and her boyfriend too i bet as well..
  2. Interesting question...favorite is not always the best even if a lot of times it is...I tend to think of live recordings rather than studio albums with these types of questions, bands that I have an emotional connection to based on their live vibe as well as the musicianship. So in no particular order.... Mudcrutch in their 2008 incarnation. Bob Dylan with The Heartbreakers during their 80's tour...that still fascinates me when I watch the footage especially as to my eyes and ears it was Benmont and Stan who really shone brightest on that tour in that how Bob relies on Benmont with his eye contact...Stan's drumming was superb in those live shows with Bob...Tom and Mike were more in the background....check out the lighting design on those shows..spotlights on Bob Benmont and Stan mostly throughout. ..which was interesting and rare as it's usually Tom and Mike who have that on stage live profile... Neil Young WITH Crazy Horse Crowded House...the original version before their mid 90s breakup Bill Haley & The Comets
  3. Jeff Lynne with Tom & Heartbreakers and Danni Harrison doing I won't back down.
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  5. With the last lap perhaps not too far away for The Heartbreakers.'s hoping for many more laps all the same, it got me thinking... Ringo and Paul together to play a couple of songs live with The Heartbreakers. Neil Young to do a live album / show/ tour with The Heartbreakers..any one of that three card trick would be awesome. King of The Hill live with Roger McGuinn. Bruce Springsteen to do Straight into Darkness live with the Heartbreakers. Bruce told Tom that he really loved that song (as mentioned in Zanes book) Dolly Parton and Tom to do a live duet...Insider or anything else..I can see Dolly and Tom vocally blending really well. Rick Rubin to return as producer and do a garage rock type album with The Heartbreakers. The Heartbreakers to do a country album ...Heartbreakers on the lost highway. Willie Nelson to guest on a song on above album. Benmont and Mike to pick the set list for 40th anniversary tour! If even one of these things happened it would be awesome! Excuse me if I have a place in my mind where I go time to time... Any other dreamers out there?
  6. Or Tom could go totally off the scale and against type in the best rock and roll way possible and open with 'Come on down to my house'...that would totally blow my mind...oh man could you imagine...the crowd proper head banging to this one....oh baby doll 😆 So I'll be happy with SWUH, Travelin, God's Gift To Man or Won't Last opener..come on Tom, don't be jammin me! ☺
  7. Well just in case Somewhere under heaven doesn't make it as opener ☺ God's gift to man..high energy up tempo number that would get em on their feet and shaking their glasses! 😉 Seriously though, this would be the bees knees as an opener to a show...great fun lyrics that are simultaneously quite poignant too if you look a little deeper. They need more fast songs in the set list..have been saying that for a while and this one helps address that too! You don't need to know this one to enjoy has an instant appeal for casual and hard core fans alike I believe! A fun song without being too sure not to break those glasses! 😊
  8. The most logical way around this self imposed conundrum is for Tom to go back to taking a mid gig break for 10-15 minutes like he did for a tour or two around the late 90's or around that time anyway...when Mike did his california surf music interlude.. Give Tom a mid gig break and let Mike and Benmont lead the band for 3 or 4 songs with and or without vocals or any combination there of. Benmont to sing You should be so lucky from his album or this is a good street , Mike to sing and or play a couple of songs..a couple of dirty knobs songs..even I don't wanna fight. .endless options available that they could do while Tom takes a mid set break...or they could do something similiar with Tom still on stage..letting tom rest his voice for a couple of numbers while mixing up the live Heartbreakers experience for band and fans alike. Similiar in what mudcrutch did last year. No valid reason not to deliver something different if they have the will and inclination to do so. Where there is a will there is a way. The free fallers might even learn something new..or if they don't like it then money can still remain king via a mass exodus to the venue bars during such an interlude. Everyone's a winner! ☺
  9. So while Tom and The Heartbreakers are in London town on July 9th, Bono and U2 have just announced a second show in London for......yep you've guessed it, July 9th. U2 are playing Twickenham rugby stadium on the edge of the city on July 8 & 9...playing The Joshua Tree album....I wonder would Tom join U2 on stage for a song on July 8th, Id love to see it happen! Tom and Bono in London at the same time people! ☺
  10. I'd love to be at the show where Tom walks onto the stage and tells the audience that 'I hope you've booked the baby sitter baby doll as we are going to be here for a long time tonight to play our first two albums in their entirety for you!'☺ I' d even endure Free Fallin' and Yer So Bad as an encore to send the casuals home happy to make this happen! ☺
  11. This task is hard on me.. (OK a sneaky way to add in an extra song there ) leaving out the Mudcrutch output on this list to make it a bit easier! This list is based on the live performances that at one stage or another blew me away either in person at a show or on YouTube / official live Dvd releases.(the exception to that rule being Magnolia which is the album version I have in mind...a very intimate almost live vibe captured on that album version) I have long been of the opinion that it is as a live band that the Heartbreakers really showcase Tom''s songs to best's the live stuff that really captures the magic for me rather than the studio albums as a stream of consciousness immediate list without over thinking things here's my list! ☺ Magnolia Casa Dega Too Much Ain't Enough Swingin Dog On The Run (the non album live version) Shadow People It'll All Work Out Crawling Back To You Nightwatch Man Refugee
  12. Glen Campbell covers 'Walls' on The Chris Isaak Hour (03/12/2009) This is certainly different...wheather it totally works or not...well you decide...the bass player was certainly into it!
  13. My choice would be Somewhere Under Heaven. Yes, I am both sober and serious on this choice! Somewhere Under Heaven would be an inspired opener on many levels. But only about 6 people in the audience on a 'good night' would know it I hear some people wail! Well wail away! It would be a real signal of intent that The Heartbreakers are going to go to different places live this tour, it's uptempo, lyrics very fitting to a band who have survived and are still truckin' somewhere under heaven, plus it's a great song in my view that Tom needs to get out there, i'm still blown away by it and listen to it regularly, it got it's claws into me pretty deep actually...i absolutely love it! I have no doubt that it would resonate well with a live's low risk stuff in many ways, knowing how risk averse Tom is when it comes to set lists....if the crowd love it then it's all good gravy...if they don't then so what, it's the first song in the set list...follow up with a big hit in song two if necessary...if Tom plays it as opener every night then it will be very well known by tours end if nothing else! I think it deserves it's slot. So thats the Hope part.....the reality may well be that Jammin Me is due it's slot again as opener every night for a tour..... Which reminds me of The Beacon show in NYC 2013, I must get around to getting that T Shirt print of ' I was at a Tom Petty show and he didn't play Free Fallin'. And the first words out of the mouths of the two fans who I was sitting beside immediately after a fantastic and special show were 'Oh my God, where was Free Fallin?' as they stood up and shuffled off indignantly out of the theatre. This is what you're up against. Maybe down the years Tom has chosen the path of least resistence in the live set list to pander to / cater to the fans like these....the trouble is though, when you go down that road and it becomes a habit, then that's what the masses expect and they get stropy if you deviate from it, but the key word here is's Toms choice for what ever reasons....that's the road he has chosen to go down, that is now the only road that many in the audience now will accept from him as it's like a self fulfilling prophesy for them...when people get used to a routine and you reinforce that routine, then people will resist change when the habit has been formed over many's human nature in many have to teach better habits to bet better behaviour... an optimistic realist, i hope for the best yet expect that past behaviour in terms of tour set lists is the best guide to what will actually happen in the future in 2017. I hope to be at the Wildflowers tour somewhere under heaven!
  14. Dolly with Tom and The Heartbreakers doing a version of Insider would be an awesome thing to happen or indeed have happened. Dolly and Tom's voices would work well should happen, would love to see it! Either way Dolly should cover can sometimes be forgotten that Dolly is actually a great song writer herself.... Imagine if there was a Tom Petty TV show with guest interview segments and a few duets...The Heartbreakers stepping in for a couple of 'Deep Cut & B Side Bruises' performances per show...,don't wake me up just yet, this dream is too good! Great find here, faster than the studio version and certainly faster than a lot of live performances from the band in many years....the first thing that struck me seeing this was, wow, this is fast...sometimes you forget that you're in a mid-tempo speed zone listening to The Heartbreakers live or indeed on record for the most part, especially since after the early years era, however awesome that mid tempo groove is... On a related note, I hope that when Stevie joins the band on tour next year that they do Insider rather than Stop Draggin My Heart Around..or do both...but if I had to pick just one of the two, i'd go for Insider. or hey something completely different....Silver Springs springs to mind for example or Songbird...
  15. This is a bit of a mixture of strange and yet compelling stuff right here.....