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  1. I always love getting my teeth into a good musician biography...authorised or unauthorised (the latter usually hits home a bit more truthfully) Hank Williams - I Saw The Light biography by Colin Escott.....fascinating read on the music industry and how they worked releases/the business model used at the time to promote artists. Musicians could actually make a lot of money from Jukebox plays back in the late 40's....albums were used as a means to cobble together some out takes that weren't top drawer, Billboard singles chart was King, and getting the popular artists of the day to cover your song was a great way to rake in the royalty payments (particularly if you were a ''hillbilly country artist)...the cost to the industry from the change from 78's to 45's, the studio band costs, the fall out from the musicians union strike. That's before you even look at Hank Williams and his life.....died at 29, just before the first wave of rock and roll....a great read...a very detailed read at that....the sheer detail may put some people off the book but if you're into that type of thing and the history of music...and even have a passing interest in Hank Williams this would be worth checking out. Anyone have any other recommendations.......
  2. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    Checking back in here with some thoughts.... It has been interesting following the updates on various social media of how this band and this music is bringing a lot of people together, putting smiles on faces, family 'bonding time' at a concert, Tom and the band meeting a lady who had been a musician who is dealing with terminal cancer, people getting to see the band for the first time, and generally enjoying themselves. In the world as it is, there is a lot to be said for being able to switch off for a couple of hours and enjoy a concert of great songs delivered by great musicians. I have always believed that there is a great power in the music of TPATHB. Yes, most definitely the big shed arena static set lists leave those of us who want to hear more variety disappointed. I have shared my thoughts on that on various threads. It is what it is though. On this particular tour I would be more inclined to give Tom a bit of a free pass on the set list issue than on previous tours as I think that he is having to carefully manage his vocals now particularly post 2014 (i've gone into detail on this earlier in the thread)....apart from Refugee and to a certain extent American Girl the rest of the songs on the set list are less taxing on his voice and present vocal capabilities. The vocal chorus on Free Fallin' is boosted from the soundboard mixing desk, I am led to believe...it was also interesting to see the early video logs of the sound engineer when he talked about how they have a ''pitch changing'' rather than a pitch correction console for the vocals. He was keen to emphasise it was pitch changing rather than pitch correction. I think that could be a big reason for the static set list this tour specifically. They are the songs that Tom is most comfortable singing and he obviously wants to sound as best as he can ....there are of course other songs that could be played in a similar vocal register, but Tom has chosen not to do so. It will be interesting to see what dynamic emerges when this tour ends, I would not be at all surprised if Tom decides to concentrate on his radio show and release a select number of songs that he works on in the studio via Tom Petty radio from here on out. I would also have a hunch that the small venue Wildflowers album tour may be more unlikely than likely to take place now, based on the fact that this tour has a mini wildflowers set.....it could be a mini dry run of testing some of those songs acoustically or it could be a 'compromise' of getting those Wildflowers songs in now on this tour rather than a strand alone Wildflowers tour after. I could be wrong, I could be right...it will be interesting to see.
  3. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    Awesome stuff there with Gary Clark Jr, both Gary and the band were really into it and you could sense the real time in the moment buzz on stage during that. Loved it! Some great guitar licks from Gary, would have liked him to have been amped up higher for his guitar though.. his guitar a bit too thin and quiet in the mix for my liking. Looks like he also forgot the words so didn't come in for the 'God bless this land' vocals there. Select guest appearances on stage can be great and the spontaneity can be gold when it comes off well. I'm also seeing variation in the way the band are playing this tour if not variation in the set list this tour which is interesting. Mike is using a lot more slide and whammy bar in many of the songs. Benmont is playing some new funky key pieces and flourishes that I haven't heard him do before on some numbers. Steves drum kit appears to be not as loud in the mix as it was for Hypnotic Eye tour in 2014 when it was crushingly loud and dominent which is an interesting change I think. The use of Mikes slide and whammy bar seems to me to help in getting to hear Benmonts keys more than usual. These are all plus points for me in pondering if i will make the trip to Hyde Park London. The down sides though would be that Toms voice isn't as strong as it has been in the recent past when I've seen the band judging by on line footage I've seen of this tour and indeed Mudcrutch last year..he is managing his voice as best he can over a long tour and he's getting the job done and I respect him for that. I said I'd reserve judgement on the backing singers at the start of the tour until I heard more and how the tour progressed. I'm a lover rather than a hater and The Webb sisters are a talented duo as seen to great effect in their work with Leonard Cohen. However, for me their voices don't mesh /blend together well with Toms voice and their vocal range is not high enough for the harmonies needed. Tom needed to hire backing singers who could sing higher harmony lines. There are places in songs where the Rebellettes are actually needed or the 2017 equivalent of the backing singers that Tom and Bob had during their 80s tour together to hit those high harmony lines and bring that added dimension. I'd love to hear from someone at a show who would give an honest assessment on this vocal/harmony issue. I'm sure for some/many they won't mind or be concerned about the vocals and that's fine. I hope Swingin makes a few more appearances during the tour. Also noticed that they have reduced the amount of the pre programed big screen images and are using more live band screen images in Austin. I think that's a good thing. I'd rather see more of the band on the screens....I like the lighting design and those moveable light bulb effects , something different .☺ The set list has too many acoustic Wildflowers song's for my taste. I'd rather see and hear the band rock out more and leave the acoustic guitars at home, especially for these big arena venues. I guess I'm flirting with time on Hyde Park...I'm guessing we'll get SDMHA with Stevie Nicks and probably I need to know if they do two songs with Stevie. I'd rather hear them do The Apartment Song and Keeping Me Alive together however awesome but unlikely that would be....
  4. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    My mind swung back to Tom's autobiography by Zanes reading some of the set list comments here to the paragraph on Tom's self confessed stage fright prior to shows and how he deals with it by visualisation techniques, running through in his mind how the show is going to play out to the exact detail of how he wants it. He said he learned about the technique after reading about how a famous American sportsperson employed the technique to great success. It was only a short paragraph in the book that I wish was gone into in much greater detail as reading between the lines it would seem that pre show stage fright is a big battle that Tom wrestles with....there would be something wrong not to feel a bit nervous before a show...it's a healthy sign for a performer to have but it seems to be an acute thing with Tom going by what he said in the book. It could well be that the same set list formula is actually a key integral thing that actually enables Tom to actually step out onto the stage at all..that's speculation on my part of course but all signs would point to that being a significant factor in the same set lists...not the only one but a big one I would suggest for what it's worth. It's a great gig to have one Tom has worked hard for with grit and great talent. It is also a great responsibility too at that level of success and the burden of success and maintaining it can weigh heavy on the shoulders of the greats especially as they age....there's a reason why very few are still around and going strong after 40 years. There's a lot of factors at play.... I'm reminded of the rumours from around 2006 if I recall correctly of Tom considering retiring from live shows around that time. Like most if not all great artists Tom is a complex individual. He is a perfectionist for both better and worse in terms of what that brings. He also loves to be loved as well on stage, nothing unusual or wrong about that at all...I do think though that Tom is also sensitive to the audience reaction at a show, he wants to please the audience in front of him...a luke warm response to a song gets to him in a way that it wouldn't get to the likes of a Neil Young for example I would suggest. Case in point being back in the day at a live gig Neil played a new album in it's entirety that hadn't been released yet from start to finish rather than any of his big well known songs. At the end of the show Neil said he had one song left to play that he told the audience they had heard before. Cue wild applause from the audience expecting one of the hits at last. Uncle Neil proceeded to play the very first song from the set list again from the album that had not yet been released. As my grandma used to say 'different strokes for different folks '. How right she was! ☺ All that being said, I still wish for more set list variety. I suppose this post is to say that I can see that this is not a simple open and shut case...a lot of factors at play, some self imposed no doubt by Tom..and I'm not sure Tom actually realises how many hard core fans are actually out there who want and need the deep cuts that were referenced in the December 2016 Rolling Stone article but have as of yet not materialised. Maybe they will materialise at yet to be announced Fonda and Fillmore residency dates in CA...here's hoping! ☺ Although there are rumours that there will be a residency announcement for The Forum which is too big and having been there before in 2014 that venue fails to live up to it's Fabulous Forum moniker. I'll never forget being there during A Woman In Love when some drunk halfwit beside me spilled their drink and the next thing one of the ushers appears and plugs in a noisy vacuum cleaner to clear up the mess. ...all in the middle of A Woman In Love!!! I kid you not! I wasn't impressed 😯
  5. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    Some thoughts after watching some of the YouTube footage from show 3 in Arkansaw. There is no doubt in my mind that Tom is having to manage his singing voice on this tour. From the first footage of the first night I saw it was clear to me that Tom is holding back a bit in the power of vocal delivery in every song in an effort to save his voice. As a singer myself, that is clear. This is a change from previous tours with the Heartbreakers. The vocal change was noticible during Mucrutch tour last year. I would say he is is at about 60 percent of his previous vocal capacity power. With age he has less vocal power in his delivery than before and he is actively managing the reduction in vocal capacity. He has to do this to survive a multi date tour. It's not a criticism it's just a fact of life for a singer when they age...to most it won't really be noticed on the quieter acoustic based songs, that's why the two back up singers have been brought in to help with that and it is working more or less with the acoustic based songs although it can be a bit patchy in places...Wildflowers is an example where the back up vocals work very well, the harmonies on that song live quite beautiful actually. Tom was really straining from a vocal perspective on the high notes for Refugee in particular and to a lesser extent on American Girl in Arkansaw. Yes it's the end of the show and his voice would be tired but that would concern me going forward. Maybe that's part of the reason for the shows going from 21 songs first night to 19 second night and 18 on night 3. The other issue I see is that Scotts vocal harmonies are not meshing well with the harmonies of the Webb sisters. They are not singing the same harmony line. Scott is singing a higher harmony line than the two girls and vocally they are clashing and it doesn't blend too well when the three of them are harmonising simultaneously. Some of the harmonising from the two ladies on the harder rockier songs just doesn't work and I feel that on these numbers Scott is a bit inhibited in his vocal delivery because of the two girls harmonies clashing with his. I realise a lot of people out there and especially at the concert probably wouldn't notice or care about these vocal subtilties and that's fine! Rock on and enjoy the show! ☺ For me though at least it is an issue and I'm sure that Tom is putting his best foot forward in trying to make things vocally as best they can be and that's all he can do. I am concerned about Tom vocals though over the course of a long tour like this...as well as the backing singers inclusion there is also a quieter sound mix on this tour than certainly in 2014 when it was a really heavy crunchy drum and bass led wall of sonic fullness. To answer a previous observation in this thread i would say that on this tour the sound mix is definitely quieter. .I assume to help Tom in not having to have his voice at top throttle volume to compete with that sound as his singing vocals capacity has changed since then. Vocal considerations I would suggest are the reason for the longer acoustic mid section this tour which is dissapointing for those who like me want more of a full throttle electric rock show from Tom and the boys. It is what it is though.....Toms singing voice capacity has changed in the last 2 years in particular and that has a knock on effect on the live show dynamics that TPATHB can now deliver. What I can not understand though is why Tom didn't hire backing singers with a higher vocal range than the Webb sisters. The backing singers need to be able to sing higher than Scott...you could love or hate the Pack Up The Plantation backing singers but The Rebelettes sure could sing and soar up the vocal scales with their voices...that's what's needed...the Webb sisters don't have the high vocal range needed in my view...they were great for Leonard Cohen's gravelly voice counterpoint but they just don't cut it for The Heartbreakers repertoire.
  6. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    Got to see almost all the show on Periscope last night....my observations below... Second tour date in Dallas Texas. 19 songs played which is two less than opening night in Oklahoma. American Dream Plan B and Something Good Coming were the two that weren't played. Same set list and running order apart from that. Elongated jams in You Don't Know How It Feels and It's Good To Be King filled out the time for the two absent songs. Tom worked hard to get the crowd on his side even more than usual (they were more responsive than the Oklahoma Crowd on first night as a result..a preplanned move from the band i would suggest) and in a new move brought the lights up after the second song MJLD to engage with the crowd in a few call and response 'Heys' and 'Yeys' and waves from all the band to all cor nets of the venue. The scripted between song banter about calling the baby sitter and the difference between a 6 string and a 12 string guitar was again rolled out... Tom threw a harmonica into the crowd after Walls and a top hat into the crowd after DCAHNM. Tom showed quick reflexes in preventing himself from slipping off the trunk when he went to sit on it after DCAHNM. When Mike gave the customary raised right hand in the air to signal to the band the post solo, start ending section of RDAD while beside Tom at the front edge of the stage Tom didn't see him and played on...the rest of the band quickly picked up on that and went along with it as good musicians do...resulting in a few more bars being played before the outro section....hey this is wild spontaneous off the cuff live stuff by TPATHB standards and was all the better for it☺We need to see more of this off the cuff type stuff...I for one got a kick out of it anyway! I've noticed that Tom is surprising Steve a bit in a few songs with the crescendo flourishes at the end of a couple of songs like MJLD IGTBKING and American Girl...Steve is having to pound the skins and rattle the brass a bit longer in those outro break flourishes than he had had to do in about 20 years...all great stuff...a small change but a good one! I think Steve is happily surprised by that! So the back up singers. ..the Webb sisters. They kinda looked familiar for some reason then I realised they had been backing singers for Leonard Cohen in his latter year concerts and had done a great job with him. Still not convinced about them with TPATHB though. They are needed for about 6 songs in the whole set list in my view and they certainly add positively to those songs in harmonising the acoustic based songs in the middle of the set list....but outside that they are without being disrespectful a bit like wall flowers at the town dance for the rockier numbers in the set list when they have less to do in my view.....maybe bring them out for the acoustic guitar led section only...or have them more in the background behind Scott rather than at the side of the stage. Scott is actually doing the higher harmony lines a lot of the time and the two ladies are taking the lower register vocal harmony line's. Scott it appears to me has the higher vocal range in his singing voice....the question is if Scott still had the power in his voice of old..so it's surprising to me at least that the two backing singers hired don't have a higher vocal range in their voices. My read on it is that the two ladies are there primarily to back up Toms vocal lines rather than as high harmony singers.
  7. Happy 40th Anniversary Tour, Farmers!

    Huge thanks to Amber for sharing the first night of the tour in Oklahoma live on Periscope, very generous and much appreciated!. Some initial thoughts.... Walls, Don't Come Around Here No More complete with the legendary hat, and It's Good To Be King were the stand out highlights in terms of performance from the set for me. The musicianship of the band top notch as always..we almost take that for granted as a given but you have to be very good to be that good...song tempo a tad slower in places than previously I thought but we're all aging every day if we like it or not ☺ Tom's vocals in my view are not now quite as strong as they once were which again is not a criticism it's the human aging process... I think the two female backing singers is a realisation of that fact. On the two backing singers I will reserve judgement as it's the first night of the tour but I didn't think those background vocals fully knitted together properly in a pleasing way to my ears...Scott does a great job on the backing vocals for Tom but they must have felt they needed another vocal layer on backing vocals this tour. Disappointed that Shadow People wasn't played...they can't play them all of course but SP is awesome live and one of their strongest latter day songs. The first couple of shows at the start of a tour are usually the shows where you get to hear a song or two that won't be kept for the rest of the tour...not sure where the cut offs from that set list tonight are going to be though.... 5 acoustic guitar based songs in a row in the middle of the show....may need to be tweaked from an energy vibe perspective in a big shed arena....5 in a row too many for my taste...but then again I'd rather Tom left the acoustic guitar at home for these large arena tours and break out the acoustic on the Wildflowers album tour in the intimate venues if that flys in the future.
  8. All The Rest article from Rolling Stone

    ^interesting! This is about a 50 50 split between Century City and the live only Dog on The Run to my ears. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Forever 21 - TPATH Tees

    I'd say she's a good girl who loves her momma and is crazy about Elvis..loves horses and her boyfriend too i bet as well..
  10. Question of the day 2/15/17

    Interesting question...favorite is not always the best even if a lot of times it is...I tend to think of live recordings rather than studio albums with these types of questions, bands that I have an emotional connection to based on their live vibe as well as the musicianship. So in no particular order.... Mudcrutch in their 2008 incarnation. Bob Dylan with The Heartbreakers during their 80's tour...that still fascinates me when I watch the footage especially as to my eyes and ears it was Benmont and Stan who really shone brightest on that tour in that band...watch how Bob relies on Benmont with his eye contact...Stan's drumming was superb in those live shows with Bob...Tom and Mike were more in the background....check out the lighting design on those shows..spotlights on Bob Benmont and Stan mostly throughout. ..which was interesting and rare as it's usually Tom and Mike who have that on stage live profile... Neil Young WITH Crazy Horse Crowded House...the original version before their mid 90s breakup Bill Haley & The Comets
  11. Tom Petty Named 2017 MusiCares Person Of The Year

    Jeff Lynne with Tom & Heartbreakers and Danni Harrison doing I won't back down. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTzOMzQ6YZI
  12. Tom Petty Named 2017 MusiCares Person Of The Year

    https://youtu.be/yTzOMzQ6YZI Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
  13. With the last lap perhaps not too far away for The Heartbreakers. ..here's hoping for many more laps all the same, it got me thinking... Ringo and Paul together to play a couple of songs live with The Heartbreakers. Neil Young to do a live album / show/ tour with The Heartbreakers..any one of that three card trick would be awesome. King of The Hill live with Roger McGuinn. Bruce Springsteen to do Straight into Darkness live with the Heartbreakers. Bruce told Tom that he really loved that song (as mentioned in Zanes book) Dolly Parton and Tom to do a live duet...Insider or anything else..I can see Dolly and Tom vocally blending really well. Rick Rubin to return as producer and do a garage rock type album with The Heartbreakers. The Heartbreakers to do a country album ...Heartbreakers on the lost highway. Willie Nelson to guest on a song on above album. Benmont and Mike to pick the set list for 40th anniversary tour! If even one of these things happened it would be awesome! Excuse me if I have a place in my mind where I go time to time... Any other dreamers out there?
  14. Choose the Opening Song

    Or Tom could go totally off the scale and against type in the best rock and roll way possible and open with 'Come on down to my house'...that would totally blow my mind...oh man could you imagine...the crowd proper head banging to this one....oh baby doll 😆 So I'll be happy with SWUH, Travelin, God's Gift To Man or Won't Last Long.as opener..come on Tom, don't be jammin me! ☺
  15. Choose the Opening Song

    Well just in case Somewhere under heaven doesn't make it as opener ☺ God's gift to man..high energy up tempo number that would get em on their feet and shaking their glasses! 😉 Seriously though, this would be the bees knees as an opener to a show...great fun lyrics that are simultaneously quite poignant too if you look a little deeper. They need more fast songs in the set list..have been saying that for a while and this one helps address that too! You don't need to know this one to enjoy it..it has an instant appeal for casual and hard core fans alike I believe! A fun song without being too serious...be sure not to break those glasses! 😊