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  1. Tributes and covers from peers and writers

    Watching a lot of these live show setting tribute efforts showcases how good Tom and the Heartbreakers were as a live band..not that any reminder was needed but still...That said I really loved the Gov't Mule cover..they nailed it pretty good. ☺
  2. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    Looking back I believe Tom knew that his time in this realm was drawing to a close. The last interview where he gave Ron some special praise was a very touching moment I thought...Mike and Benmont get a lot of plaudits but it was nice to give Ron his due there...the last three years post 2014..the timing of it all..the Mudcrutch album and tour, indeed in some ways the Mudcrutch tour last year would have been the ideal way to bow out of stage performance for Tom in my view. The Heartbreakers just concluded tour.from the start it just all seemed a bit..I can't find the right word or maybe its too early to be even thinking about the context of all of this at all...again i go back to the human dimension in all this..but for me anyway the last tour was a difficult watch on a human level particularly towards the end and that had nothing to do with set lists or songs played...my heart just went out to Tom and the body language of the rest of the band on stage especially in the last few shows..it was as if they knew as well...bigger picture and maybe the more important aspect the only aspect you could say is the music and the over 40 year treasure trove of songs and performances.... I think Tom kept going until he couldn't keep going no more and then kept going some more......
  3. I Feel Like A Forgotten Song

    In a week when there has been every reason to cry, No Reason To Cry from Mojo is healing. I've always liked that song a lot. Dreams of Flying a Heartbreakers song all day long any day in my view. Just grateful now that it was recorded and released via Mudcrutch. Somewhere Under Heaven... Looking For Daddy... Two of the very latter day releases that are up there for me. Blue Sunday...when it's time to leave you go.....
  4. TPATHB The Last DJ Sessions

    The studio/footage packages are some of the most precious.
  5. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    When I first heard the news on Tom I went home turned on the radio and caught the last part of a documentary on Nat King Cole which concluded with Nature Boy 'The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to be loved and to be loved in return'. Thinking about how we mourn artists we've never met, we don't cry because we knew them, we cry because they helped us know ourselves. Thank you Tom.
  6. Room at The Top and Swingin from Later With Jools Holland TV show on the BBC in UK 1999. Very poignant and fitting at this time...if a moderator could embed the actual video on this post that would be great as I can't manage to do so on the cell phone. https://youtu.be/0XVaSY-PTQo
  7. 2017 Tour Videos

    Last live song.... https://youtu.be/f4kmZpXGqlw
  8. Now What? Your pick!

    My understanding is that there were three shows on the tour that were specifically filmed with a dvd/TV post tour release in mind..presumably pick the best of the three or more likely cut and paste from the three for the best version of the songs they wanted to release. Hyde Park in London was definately one of the three. Wrigley Field Chicago and Forest Hills Stadium New York I think were the other two but not certain...could have been Red Rocks rather than Forest Hills.
  9. Now What? Your pick!

    As it happens I was actually relistening to the Mudcrutch band interview and premier of Mudcrutch 2 on Sunday evening that they did with Mark Felsot on Tom Petty radio. It struck me at the time when Tom remarked 'it's great to be here and able to do this'.... It also reminded me that 20 songs were actually cut in the studio for the Mudcrutch 2 album..so there are 9 songs there that could potentially be released...I got the impression that the 9 songs left off the album were more or less fully formed..not rough demos..in time it will be interesting to see if those songs get released down the line. It's all still very raw and upsetting to be thinking of future releases but in time those 9 songs may be a viable release option. Just wanted to capture that thought while it was fresh in my mind at this time...
  10. https://www.thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/910/838/280/i-need-your-support-to-rename-ne-city-park-in-gainesville-fl-tom-petty-park/?taf_id=43341785&cid=fb_na I don't usually promote petitions on line but this one has been set up by one of Tom's childhood friends in Gainesville and who by all accounts remained close to Tom down through the years. Link above with details.
  11. What's Next for Mudcrutch Farm / mudcrutch.com ?

    Another idea to add to the mix...a meet up in Gainsville to see the sights and sounds that influenced Tom and the band in their formative years. Would take a bit more logistical planning than some of the ideas already mentioned but if this was to develop into an annual or biannual gathering than it would be a great meetup.
  12. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    Tom, thank you for the music and the joy of seeing you and the band live 11 times. 11 of the best nights of my life. From first seeing the mtv video for MJLD back in 94 and through the following 23 years the music has sustained me on bad days, elevated me higher on good days and after the TV series Happy Days really deepened my love of and fascination with America. Thanks to Tom and the band I got to New York..LA..Red Rocks..Tampa, West Palm Beach and many other stop offs along the way..it was the band and Tom who gave me the impetus to travel in America...and the best decision I ever made was to book my ticket to the Marquee circus tent in Cork in June 2012 after being bowled over by my first experience of the band live in Dublin earlier that night. Cork in 2012..a small venue where I got there early to squeeze up to the sixth row..I got the nod and smile from Tom when he came on stage..I'll never forget it. Rest easy Tom and thank you for the music. It will live on in my heart always. Thoughts and prayers for Toms family and those who knew him best. Words aren't enough...I'm devastated.
  13. Now What? Your pick!

    ^ I would agree on that. Without being voyeuristic or intrusive on Toms health, as you get older you have to look after yourself more than in younger years...especially for a 50 odd date tour. Some aspects of health are out of our hands and other aspects are within our control. I'm thinking of the likes of Roger Daltrey who physically looks very fit even at an advanced age.it's as important to rehearse the body for a gruelling tour as practise the set list. Also wear and tear of the body down the years with substances takes its toll. Very few beat heroin, thankfully Tom did..lifestyle choices play their part and even then every body is different...we all know people who have lived healthily all their lives and still get serious illness..Keith Richards defies medical logic by all accounts. I'd love to see Tom give up smoking and lose a bit of weight to see if it would positively impact on his stamina and vocal capacity in the present day...not that I want to be preaching to Tom Petty about his lifestyle..that's not my place....I just wish Tom the best of health to enjoy his family and grandkids at this stage and if he gets around to writing some more songs then all the better. ☺ Maybe Tom can find some mojo in the gym after getting that knee sorted out first though.