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  1. Thanks for sharing this and glad you're out of that situation. I certainly like to think the people who's work I love, respect, admire, am inspired by are decent people. Not saints, not walking above the earth but with a close enough moral framework to my own that I feel no dissonance when enjoying what they've created. If someone crosses certain moral lines I usually quit following their work. As regarding Tom, who knows? I don't know Jane's side of the story. Heck, I don't pretend to know Tom. I think the most successful thing he's achieved regarding his public persona is coming across as easy going. Not too long ago I was talking to a stranger at the gym who was listening to some live Petty when I was wearing a TPATH shirt. He told me how he always thought Tom was laid back in real life since that's how he comes across on stage and in so much of his music. An easy going groovy guy. Till he saw the documentary. I thought the same thing till I heard a radio interview years ago where he basically said he was borderline neurotic and very intense, which makes sense, having to lead a group of musicians through the music biz. It's an easy thing to forget though, when his laid back drawl issues forth between songs on a concert. I've been lucky with the few famous people I've met, that I've had positive interactions; I've read of those who did not and it sounds devastating. I try to just keep my interest on someone's work and interviews about their expertise, their personal life I feel is their business, again, except when horrific information emerges. As an example, I won't watch Rosemary's Baby, nor Woody Allen movies.
  2. Oh my God, that's horrible. I'm very sorry to read this. You have my sincere condolences. Take care.
  3. Nurktwin, It seems like you're saying you can now share the show(s), so that's good if I'm understanding you correctly. If that's the case, perhaps Marion is the one to contact. I looked at the setlists again and noticed the Estero show is missing Makin' Some Noise but is a complete show while Tampa isn't. Would you (through Marion or someone else on here) be able to upload both shows? With both you get Makin' Some Noise as well as a more complete feel for the deep cuts TPATH pulled out at those dates. cheers
  4. Last night (February 24th) Foo Fighters played their first real show of 2017 with a live performance in front of just a few hundred lucky fans in the United Kingdom. The venue was the Cheese & Grain cafe/bar in the small town of Frome and after announcing their much anticipated Glastonbury Festival headline appearance the band then ripped through a 2 hour+ live set featuring a live début of ‘Sean’ from the Saint Cecilia EP, as well as the usual classic hits. ...we have directly captured the video stream in 720p HD quality. So if you missed the broadcast or just want to relive it, here is your opportunity to do so. Download MP4 Video The video weighs in at 1.91GB and includes the entire performance as well as the pre-show announcement of their Glastonbury Headline slot. We’ve also uploaded an audio version in two flavours, a standard FFL archive format FLAC and also since this was a lossy broadcast, MP3. Both versions are track split with full tags. Download FLAC version (740MB) Download MP3 version (193MB) As always we provide these downloads as fans for other fans to enjoy, for free. We encourage you to share these links with other fans around the world.
  5. Thanks, I appreciate the effort nurktwin regardless of the result. If it comes to uploading it, I'm sure someone technically savvy on here could walk you through it. cheers
  6. Is there anyway you could post these shows as mp3? They seem just about as rare as the lone She's The One concert. cheers
  7. TomFest, I understand everyone's different in how they appreciate live music. Two questions: 1) You weren't at all disappointed that TPATH mainly played the same thing both nights with minimal variation? 2) Would you have preferred them to mix it up but were happy with what you get regardless, just enjoying the music and the good times in the great locale? For fans of TPATH, having the latter perspective seems to be the better one to have. When I saw TPATH over multiple nights in 06 I was disappointed they mainly played the same set, but at least I got lucky (pun intended) when they performed Melinda one of those shows. What a good song. cheers
  8. An old concert review touching on the same issue though not complaining about it, basically espousing the virtues of different approaches to set lists. Certainly I don't expect nor want TPATH to be the Black Crowes but a happy medium between the two was possible. TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS/ THE BLACK CROWES 6/30/2005: SPAC, SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY August 5, 2005 by Shawn Donohuein Concert ReviewsComments Off On the Eastern rim of the Adirondacks, the scenic gem of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center was sold out and loaded with the dedicated fans of two nationally respected touring acts; neither of which has released an album of new material in over 3 years. Both bands have amassed strong catalogs of songs, and both possess a deep understanding of “rock and rollers” in the true sense who have come before them. Yet in their live performance the bands are Ying and Yang in their styles. One loves to mix it up and experiment in their set, and one sticks to the tried and true formula of “play your hits and play them well.” Both bands submerge themselves in roots rock from the past and both are still engaging performers of their own music in the present, admittedly in different ways. The Black Crowes 65-minute set consisted of expressive guitar work from these newly reformed titans of southern sounds. Chris Robinson’s soulful voice along with Marc Ford’s melodic guitar set the stage early with climbing versions of “Thorn in My Pride” and the excellent “Sometimes Salvation.” The Crowes live in the moment and play to their dedicated fan base, eschewing the “hits” for deeper cuts, and playing new setlists every night out. Since reforming earlier this year, they have toured non-stop, reminding those who had forgotten, that they can be one of the most powerful bands on the planet. Their closer “Remedy” sealed the deal and lifted the crowd for the upcoming Petty set. If you were a casual fan and disappointed by not hearing “Hard to Handle,” and were worried that Tom Petty would perform a set of obscure tunes and ancient covers, you had nothing to worry about. Petty and the Heartbreakers performed all of the songs you’ve been hearing in long car rides for 20 years. The words were shouted out loud by the 25,000+ on hand for the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s set. People were crowding the aisles to sing along with all the classics, from “Listen To Her Heart” to “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.” Both young and old seemed truly impressed with the classic rock staples, only the low volume of the acoustic portion of the show seemed to tame the massive crowd. Sprinkling in standard rock covers of “Gloria” and “Knocking on Heavens Door” kept the sing-alongs flowing. Petty’s show isn’t changing any time soon and judging by the crowd reaction the fans wouldn’t have it any other way. With Petty blowing kisses and Mike Campbell playing cutting guitar leads the summer night ended, and two bands showed that different approaches to playing live can succeed in delivering the goods to a packed house. Black Crowes Photo by Adam Foley
  9. Oh well. Maybe someone else will chime in on what was certainly a unique concert, especially for TPATH.
  10. Don't leave us hangin' Did you go to this show? Any particular memories of the set? cheers
  11. This person's page has a lot of live TPATH!
  12. My preference is B but your earlier idea of having TPATH stick to their same set every night template but spontaneously vary some live songs each concert is good. Since the odds of B at this late date are slim, sticking to the same set but offering up alternative versions of songs and extending some in addition to playing others like the record each night would be good. Think of the live recordings such an approach would yield! One night the long version of Mary Jane's, the next it's more like the album while the bridge of Don't Do Me Like That turns into an extended drum and bass jam, etc. Tom has confidence in the songs he's singing, the band gets to mix it up within the rigid set and every night offers something interesting and new for both band and audience. cheers
  13. Yes. Makin' Some Noise? Hadn't been performed in 14 years? Just there it is third song in. What Are you doing in my life? Of course but just looking at this show, it's so different for them. It's surprising enough for them to play one of these songs let alone something from ITGWO not played in years and also a song from Let Me Up in the same show? And Melinda, too! Details are needed from anyone who's been there
  14. If that set list is right, all of you saw a very unique TPATH show. If you went...
  15. Makin' Some Noise, Crawling Back To You, What Are You Doing In My Life and It'll All Work Out? Seems, pun intended, Too Good To Be True. This would make for a heck of a live recording!