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  1. Even though I doubted this tour would be different there was still a part of me that thought he'd follow through in some way. Instead two songs have been dropped, and the deep cuts left unplayed. Odder still, some of the major hits have been thus far ignored. I've not been excited by a TPATH tour in over a decade, so I'm more interested in what they'll do at a residency, the possible Wildflowers tour and in the studio, though for my taste, I doubt they'll surpass Hypnotic Eye. Oh well.
  2. Per this site, 19 songs:
  3. I like the backup singing on this but it doesn't do much else for me. And what's he talking about they never play it? Maybe they haven't in a good long while but it's gotten played quite a bit more than...oh...let's say...Finding Out. Why do the same "humor"? Terrible. I guess we'll see what if anything is changed in today's concert. cheers
  4. Runnin' Down A Dream.
  5. I'm guessing it stays the tour! Hope you get to see it. cheers
  6. It's fine, I'm just saying for future reference. I'm watching It's Good To Be King as I watch this so thanks again for sharing. cheers
  7. Disappointing. At least swap in two different songs. I really dislike stuff like this. It's especially grating when people will go online and see for themselves how stagnant this is. Neat! I LOVE stuff like this. I will have to check it out. More of this too! Steve's drumming is wonderfully heavy and precise, let him go wild more often. More fills. I keep saying I'd enjoy a bass and drum section in the right song, the band keeps the groove going and Ron and Steve get to show off for a while. Different and fun! Generally, I'm not one for back-up singers but I like what they've done on the clips I've seen. But I don't think they need to sing on every song, beyond that I don't really care where they stand on stage. Maybe they could emerge back and forth from back to front as needed. Their voices sound really good. As someone else said, maybe they'll perform Waiting for Tonight with them. Especially since they just played it for the first time ever not too long ago. I think the song did get some radio play so the crowd will respond. It's such a great TPATH song. Thanks for your take, I enjoy reading these in-depth views of the concerts. cheers
  8. I wish he was, for you and the other fans who haven't seen him in so long, especially since this will most likely be it for the big tours. Thanks for sharing the vids, I'm going to start checking these out from night #2. But next time post 'em here, thanks:
  9. I completely agree. It's distracting. Dollar bills fluttering around during Forgotten Man. Awful. Just leave the backdrop plain, keep the lighting simple and focus on the songs! While the sound quality from people's phones is phenomenal, I'm not sure if the guitars are less gritty or not. I'm in your camp on this one, more grit! More heaviness! The heavier the guitars, the sweeter the back-up singers. On the first night, it looked like they were almost going to keep playing You Got Lucky but then they stop. That part where Mike solos, sounded so good, why not stretch the outro out a good three minutes...see where it goes? I bet it would sound good. I think the Webb Sisters are doing a good job! cheers
  10. 1. Rockin' Around With You——While not one of my favorites, I’m glad they pulled something out from their archives that made so many happy. Listened to this again and I quite like it. Good opening number! 2. Mary Jane——The slightly longer version, not one of my favorite takes and in position close to where it was on the last tour. I love this song but it's not very exciting live these days. 3. You Don't Know How It Feels——Never cared for this song. 4. Forgotten Man——Glad to see this one. I still think it would benefit from Mike taking an extended solo in the bridge and a bigger build-up with moroccos before the last verse but I’m glad it survived another tour. 5. You Got Lucky——I like this one, a uniquely TPATH song that doesn’t sound like anything else they’ve done but is at the same time instantly recognizable. 6. I Won't Back Down—Without it being extended or altered, I’ve just heard this one too many times. 7. Free Fallin——Ditto 8. American Dream Plan B—-I’m really shocked this one made it onto the tour. A really good rocker! 9. Walls——This song has only gone down in my estimation over the years, so I don’t really care one way or the other. At least it’s something different. 10. It's Good To Be King——Well, now we know they’re playing this one. Some interesting guitar work in the breakdown. As a fan of extended songs I’m glad it returned. I hope it gets weirder as the tour goes on, more free form. 11. Don't Come Around Here No More——I love that intro they do, I hope it goes on longer as the tour continues. So far, the best use of the background singers on this one! They sound really sweet! NIcely done. 12. Wildflowers——Never cared for this one, but still nice for them to pull out something new. But…if they’re going to pull out an album show or shows, why play this now when there are so many other songs they have? Disappointing overall. 13. Something Good Coming—While I like this song, not one of the more interesting ones from that album. It’s an effectively sad song but too much mellow at this point. Too Much Is Enough! I’d actually prefer something else here, how about Makin’ Some Noise or Finding Out? 14. Time To Move On——Another one off Wildflowers? Why when they might be playing them all live in the near future. Especially on their 40th when there's so many TPATH songs unplayed. Odd. Another one that does nothing for me. 15. Learning To Fly——same old same old. Mix this one up! Play a hybrid mellow/rockin’ version. 16. Yer So Bad——I like this song, keep it but throw in something else since it’s so short. 17. I Should Have Known It.——From here on out the same TPATH show they’ve played for years. It’s probably good this is the end of the major tours. This song really needs to stretch out the double time ending and let Mike shred. How can the band still be excited playing these songs, the same way, here at the end per usual? I know Mike puts himself in the right mindset but…ehh, you’ve heard it all before. 18. Refugee 19. Running Down A Dream -- 20. You Wreck Me——While this one has been played on every tour since 1995, I still enjoy the middle part, the mix of guitar, piano and the quiet part. Nicely done. 21. American Girl—-They really can’t end a 40th tour with anything else. Since this is the 40th tour, I figure they’d be playing more hits, like Listen To Her Heart, Don’t Do Me LIke That, I Need To Know, Breakdown and of course,The Waiting. Maybe these will reappear in time. The best thing is what was not played: NO COVERS! Is this the first Tom Petty show without any covers at all? It might be. How refreshing. Now they just need to mix in true deep cuts. Overall, no deep cuts except Rockin’ Around With You. Glad the two Hypnotic Eye songs appeared on at least one show. Maybe they'll return... Pretty amazing technology that lets fans watch the show in real time, much thanks to the woman show shared the Periscope and of course the people who upload the live clips. cheers
  11. While recognizing Tom's past set list approaches I'm going against the grain here and how these tours usually develop by saying this one lasts the tour. It's fun for the band to play, the back-up singers sound really really good on it and the tune's a nod to their past which is appropriate for a 40th anniversary tour. On top of that, It's high energy but short and as the first song of the night, takes advantage of the audience's excitement. Assuming most people don't recognize it, they're still happy to have the band take the stage. cheers
  12. Ha ha, King is no Drivin' Down to Georgia that's for sure but it's also not an Echo or Angel Dream but comfortably grooves somewhere between those two points. With the soloing, mellow/psychedelic part and shredding outro it's more than mellow and to me, sits apart from the TPATH slow section of a show. It's often the last primarily electric/jammy number before the mellow sections begins. Yes. At first a slower number or two is good but by the time they get to the fourth in a row I'm wanting them to pick it up. There are quite a number of uptempo songs they could throw in, like Makin' Some Noise, Drivin' Down to Georgia, Finding Out, etc. that would mix this part up. There have been shows where they've abandoned this approach (and did it begin with the Great Wide Open Tour?) but it's something they do more often than not. Usually Yer So Bad or Learning To Fly signal the end of this section.
  13. I don't consider King mellow, but aside from that, it's not you. That is a long set of mellow songs. However, it is also you because TPATH shows generally have a string of mellow songs in the middle, leading up towards a louder finale for the main set. So it is and isn't you at the same time! Schrodinger's Shelter! cheers
  14. It's Good To Be King
  15. A real longshot I know...