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  1. It's the Jazzless Fest? Me too. I hope they wear clean outfits on Night 2.
  2. Maybe, I never thought of that song as jazzy, I guess. It's a bit odd, they just pull it out for a festival audience and haven't played it since. We'll see if Tom has made some changes with the next shows. Peace!
  3. You forgot "man." It's a great
  4. The Theme from The Prisoner up to 1:44. I could see Mike leading the band through this while Tom rests his voice.
  5. Click on the guy's page to give him some views. Pretty good cover:
  6. Design illustration from that tour:
  7. I wonder why they played Swingin'. Was it a request from someone in the band or close to them? Did Tom think it was something special a jazzy song for Jazz Fest? Just a spontaneous decision? And why has it only appeared once? It's not even anywhere near my list of favorite TPATH songs but it strikes a chord with people here so I'm glad they pulled it out.
  8. I should clarify, I love simplicity in rock music, but generally speaking, the early songs of rock from the 50s and 60s with some exception, don't do much for me. I can appreciate the playing on Carol, Mike's solo and so on but the song falls into the same category as Bye Bye Johnny etc. I guess the good thing about them playing Carol is because it's something new on this tour but I'd have preferred something of their own, not even a deep cut at this point, like Jamming Me or Too Much Ain't Enough. My impression is they are burned out on the hits though they still bring their formidable musicianship to the stage. I think the covers are fun for them because they love the songs and aren't tired of playing them. Who wouldn't be tired of playing the same songs in the same order night after night, let alone ending each tour's main set with Refugee/Running? As for their own deep cuts, maybe they just don't care or Tom doesn't think they are good enough or the audience would be bored. The last night at the Fillmore from 97 is one of their most popular shows (and is fun to listen to!) and over half of it are covers. I can't think of another band that plays as many covers over the course of their career in place of their own songs. Peace.
  9. The covers are well played, but then everything is from this band. Rare is the time you hear them make an obvious mistake or are off in some way. But not only don't I share Tom's love for the covers he plays, to me, they're not as interesting as TPATH originals, most are just a couple chords and that blues rhythm from the early days of rock-n-roll. I prefer the combination of Tom's songwriting and the band's own unique contributions to make something greater than the parts even when they follow the same basic songwriting structure. Mike's riff, Tom's melody, Benmont's flourish all make something new from the same influences. I want to hear their music, not what inspired them. Oh well. Peace!
  10. Thanks for posting that. As for enjoying it, I'm sure he did. My impression is if they played what they really wanted to, the shows would be mainly covers with some Mojo/WF songs thrown in here and there.
  11. So many good songs and they play a cover. Right now I'm listening to You Come Through. I don't think that's ever been played. Sure, not something for an encore but definitely a residency. They should've did an Evening with TPATH tour, no opening act, more time to play more songs since it's the last tour. Aside from Wildflowers...