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  1. Full Moon Fever Reissue

    How about a release that's all the unused tracks collected together, leave the original records alone.
  2. Which format do you own the most Petty music on?

    Most of it is CDs with the occasional pop-up book.
  3. My Last Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Show

    Since this is the 40th anniversary and pretty much their last big tour, here's what I thought of the last time I saw them. I knew it would be the final show because they longer satisfied what I seek out from a live concerts; just predicting to my friend that You Don't Know How it Feels was going to be the second song pretty much said it all. Having Pearl Jam open for them showed the difference, they varied each night as the opening band. I'd seen TPATH too many times in '06 and realized how static the concerts were. Best to view it as the last time, and enjoy it for what it was worth on June 30th in Milwaukee, That's what I did. The musicianship was of course, superb, when is it not? High points were the jam in It's Good To Be King (I was glad to hear this and especially Melinda a few nights before---that could very well be the high point of the '06 tour for me, Benmont's soloing just incredible!) and of course, having Eddie Vedder sing along during The Waiting and American Girl. I've no memory of them playing Handle With Care, which is odd as I liked that Wilburys song. Despite it's fast energy I was already tired of Oh Well and didn't understand why he played it. I liked Saving Grace despite it sounding too much like a Bo Diddley rip-off and it was good to hear Honey Bee again. I think I even liked Mystic Eyes, as well. Stepping away form the music, I still have my TPATH 30th anniversary sweatshirt, black with hood, the zipper a bit messed up but still working. Usually worn to the gym when it's cold outside. When the last notes of American Girl rung out I realized that was it for me seeing TPATH live and felt good about it. The band played with good energy, threw in some jams, had two guest spots with Eddie Vedder; and while not as good as past shows I'd seen, a fine one to call my last. Since then I realized I made the right call, audience recordings, official live albums, online videos more than satisfy any desire for live TPATH. cheers
  4. The Proud Pain of Tom Petty

    Also, the people there aren't angry nor viewing Tom as some figurehead, they came to listen to songs they love, drink some beers and git dowwwwwn, no deep cuts included. Okay, one deep cut included. cheers
  5. The Proud Pain of Tom Petty

    From the end of the article: Tom Petty’s music, so adept at bringing pleasure to so many people across so many years, had become a cultural signifier for the national moment in a way I felt quite sure he never imagined or intended. The powerful, angry songs had made Petty an accidental bard of white resentment. There, in Baltimore, he was making American Grievance Rock. ---For me, (and many others) Tom's music has aimed at the universal feelings of being human, love, hate, dreams, fears, regrets, hopes. Even his most critical album, the Last Dj is rallying against greed while championing the purity of musical expression in what was (Like a Diamond/Dreamville) and what could still be (Can't Stop the Sun). It's a well written article but I don't see the "white grievance" angle. cheers
  6. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    I skimmed this article, not sure what to make of it. This part at the ending stood out to me, which I disagree with, TPATH's music was never this to me: http://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/tom-petty-proud-pain Tom Petty’s music, so adept at bringing pleasure to so many people across so many years, had become a cultural signifier for the national moment in a way I felt quite sure he never imagined or intended. The powerful, angry songs had made Petty an accidental bard of white resentment. There, in Baltimore, he was making American Grievance Rock.
  7. Will there be a live release?

    I think I've seen the clip. Maybe it was because he didn't want to be doing free advertising for the guitar place.
  8. Will there be a live release?

    Talking about a potential live album leads to talking about the contents of said album. Some will be quite pleased with the set list as is, a good one or two-disc live concert or a mix from different shows. Others, understandably have no interest in an official live album from this tour as it's gone thus far; things could still become more varied however slim the odds. For myself, I'll enjoy some of the extended sequences in songs as well as the good sound quality. But as a live album, if one is released, based on what they've done so far, ranks down towards the bottom of the pile for my taste. Returning to the original question, I'd be surprised if there wasn't a final tour document, be it live album and/or DVD. cheers
  9. Hot Peppers

    Ha ha!
  10. Will there be a live release?

    It's what one does when they have a treasure trove of hits the audience loves. No one's been saying skip all the hits, or even a majority of them, it's what's played between the hits that offer up such potential for this band with the level of musicianship they have. And the order, every night a diff....yawn..zzzzzzzz.
  11. Will there be a live release?

    I'm sure I'll address it again but my pointless internet anger at Tom's set list decision making has even grown stale to me. That's the problem, with Tom's past it will most likely be one "new" song on each night and one dropped song with the same banter and introductions. I didn't know they're playing three shows at the Greek as well? Six shows in California, three each at the same location? What an opportunity to finally dig...ahh. We'll see I guess. I'd like to think they would mix it up much more than they ever have since this 40th farce is nearly over.
  12. Hot Peppers

    Excellent! Hot peppers are good, but then, anything homegrown is. Recently had a homegrown cucumber and it was amazing. Good on you for growing your own veggies. cheers
  13. Thoughts on Columbus, OH show from 1995

    Years and years ago I met a female friend outside Columbus, Ohio for a show on the Wildflowers tour. Looking back on it, the show was fairly unique for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. This was back before the Internet, before one learned how similar their shows were, even down to the banter, just pure enjoyment of the music on a balmy summer night. Polaris Amphitheater had good acoustics,, thick, rich guitar sounds flowing across the lawn as we danced and grooved to the music. The band seemed full of energy, from the lengthy jams in Mary Jane with moody Benmont intro, to Breakdown with the hit the road jack improv and the long jams of It's Good To Be King, which was still novel at the time. The two biggest surprises were Come On Down To My House, which rocked and Driving Down To Georgia, just two amazing blasts of music, and improvisation. I'm grateful they played both of those songs in the same night, the intensity of both CODTMH and Driving Down with the melodic and extended bridge and over the top, intense ending. If I remember correctly, Honey Bee was in the encore, with American Girl and the mellow farewell of Alright For Now. I wouldn't want every show to end with that little lullaby but it was special, there in the late August night. I have fond memories of the show, I happened to catch them in the early transition from the band they were before Greatest Hits and Wildflowers and Steve and yet still quite a ways away from being whatever they are now. Back then I knew that whatever show I saw from a new album and tour would be different from what had gone before. It wasn't as special as the first time I saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers but it was a very fun evening, the new songs sounding better live and mixing in well with the older material. I remember being on a natural high the next day, writing the set list down from memory and filing it away, it's somewhere amidst old books and knickknacks from a more innocent time.
  14. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    Ha ha!
  15. Check out the groove at 4:21