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  1. Not me Mikeyt, I wouldn't go to see him live now and Hyde park is quite close to where I live. Tom in the 80s and 90s yes but his shows now are too samey and have been for many years.
  2. I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, free fallin' oh baby.
  3. I find Mike by far the most interesting heartbreaker so thanks for the videos.
  4. I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeee free fallin'
  5. They were a pig to keep in tune, hence you don't see many used professionally, I have seen Tom use one though.
  6. How about a medley of hits leaving room for other tracks and drop the covers, a band with so many songs shouldn't need covers.
  7. "This the 40th anniversary tour" Even more reason to do something different.
  8. They have done it before with Houba Houba Studio Live 1982 which for me is better than any Petty phone it in concert nowadays.
  9. Exactly, this is easily accomplished with a band as integrated as TPATH.
  10. Try Rickenbacker for rhythm and Telecaster for lead, perfect.
  11. TPATH is a great live band and probably the best there is. The problem I have is they play the same songs every show and it gets old after 2 or 3 decades. Of course he won't change it, he is making too much money (as if he didn't have enough the hypocrite). What I would like to see is the band live in the studio playing all of their songs and filming it for the fans that are tired of the same old songs, great as they are, I personally have no desire to see or hear the same show ad infinitum.
  12. Tom is so good live but his choice of song and the way they are played is baffling at times.
  13. Way too long for a JJ Cale song. They even managed to turn this into a borefest and Mike as great as he is cannot play like JJ Cale.
  14. Runnin' down a fucking dream Free fucking fallin' American fucking girl You need to fucking know. Tom if you're watching, please give it a fucking rest. You're boring your fans and your band senseless. You sold out Tom you hypocrite.
  15. You still spelt handling wrong.