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  1. Tom is so good live but his choice of song and the way they are played is baffling at times.
  2. Way too long for a JJ Cale song. They even managed to turn this into a borefest and Mike as great as he is cannot play like JJ Cale.
  3. Runnin' down a fucking dream Free fucking fallin' American fucking girl You need to fucking know. Tom if you're watching, please give it a fucking rest. You're boring your fans and your band senseless. You sold out Tom you hypocrite.
  4. You still spelt handling wrong.
  5. Mike Campbell is a brilliant guitarist as proved by his pedigree, just watch his versatility displayed when he played with Dylan live 1986 - 1987. Imagine Neil Young doing the same thing, I think not as he's not good enough.
  6. You're obviously not very good too.
  7. Not for me, I can't stand his electric solos but I like some of his acoustic playing. I think non guitar players see Neils "madcap soloing" and think he's good but trust me he is not.
  8. Neil Young on stage with TPATH playing electric guitar, no thanks, awful noise he makes.
  9. Someone with more money than brains will buy it.
  10. MMM MMM MMM MMM Crash test dummies.
  11. Tom has been using backing track assistance on Free Fallin' since the song was recorded. I have seen a live version where he just sings I'm free instead of I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I think he left his backing track at home this time.
  12. I also love Keeping me alive but I'm not sure it fits on Long after dark. BTW there are two versions of this song, the Playback one and the one released on RDAD DVD set is a different version. Dark of the sun is also great.
  13. 100% lip synced, I'm amazed that you cant see for yourself.
  14. I changed my mind, I'll have Dogs on the run, the Southern accents one.
  15. I wish it was live, much more interesting.