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  1. Thank you, Nel! Today, after our Therapy Dog Drop-In Class....we signed up for Agility Classes! It looks like such fun!
  2. I found this, Nurk...it is the last song at the bottom....http://performingsongwriter.com/tom-petty-songs/
  3. Thank you, Farmers.
  4. ^ Me, too, Marion! What to do today.....already ran my 2 miles.....walked Malaika....will be heading out to her therapy dog drop-in class in a while. She loves going and so do I!
  5. Malaika and I are now an Official Therapy Dog Team at Community Medical Center! We have been visiting there for a 2 weeks now...getting the hang of it and yesterday was the first day I signed in. So proud of my girl, Malaika. People love to see her....ask about her name......and also how she became a Therapy dog. They thank us and so many say we have made their day.....but they sure make our day, as well. It is such a great feeling.....Malaika has a lot of love to give. Next class.....Agility! I have already bought her a simply agility kit...tunnel....hurdle....slalom......she loves the tunnel!! Here she is dressed to go visit patients yesterday at the hospital for St. Patrick's Day. She was going to wear her green boa but the feathers would fly out!
  6. Always early!
  7. Sending out Happy Birthday wishes and love to Mike....I thank him for all he does for those dogs.....rock on, Mike!
  8. Thank you. Malaika was so very good today at our appointment at Caregiver Canines. They all fell in love with her...had some papers to fill out and we will be visiting with a woman not too far from me after Danielle goes to talk and visit with her. Malaika aced that elevator, too! Good girl!
  9. Thank you for the prayers, Marion...yes, we/he are always needing them. Today at our drop-in class (these are 'fun' classes you can go to when you want to learn new things...I think it is good for Malaika and I to go) Malaika got her red Therapy Dog vest. We have an appointment on Wednesday morning with Caregiver Canines. They want to meet Malaika....see how she is.....and try and match her up with a senior. We would visit that person every week. From there....maybe I will try the hospital's onocology floor. I am remembering how the therapy dogs came and visited Fred when he was there...and how they made us forget all that was going on...if only for a bit.
  10. Thank you, guys. I am very proud of her....and we are a team. I will say having her go to (first) the Obedience Classes...you have to take that and pass before you take Therapy Dog.....Fred was in the hospital for a week and it did not look good. Doing our 'homework'....going to class......was about the only thing that kept me sane. It was....a very scary situation! But he came through.....his docs call him a tough cookie. I was so nervous taking the Therapy Dog test because she did not 'leave it' as we walked by a treat. Now...I had trained her to sit without a leash...and 'leave it'...and she did. But that is the way the test goes. So for those 7 days before the test we practiced...and practiced.....and she got it!! Just came back from our Vet....had to have her health papers filled out. She is a beautiful sweet girl with so much love to give....and this is helping me, as well.
  11. Oh, Nurk, I am so sorry....my prayers with you and your family......
  12. I am so very proud of my dog, Malaika. She just passed her Therapy Dog test and also her Canine Good Citizen test. We have a bunch of paperwork we need to send out....she will get an id...a red vest....and then we can begin to share her love. I was a bit emotional last night after I knew we had passed the tests. But I know Malaika is a very smart girl......she really is...
  13. Wanting to wish my dear friend from Spain, Elena...a very Happy Birthday!
  14. Happy and Healthy New Year, Farmers!
  15. Oh, Nurk, so happy everything is going to be alright with your eye! Scary, I know! I am very ashamed to say I had floaters in my one eye in Feb. and waited until my annual eye exam in September to say anything. Well, pics taken and I was told to go to Ocean Retina right away! My retina was tearing away.....the doc did a laser...had to check it again before my trip to kenya just to make sure I could go.....it is good...and I see him again next month. The laser kind of hurt for a bit and my eye was blurry, too, for a while but now good to go. Great news for you!! Take care...