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  1. Tom is great on this, as is Steve Ferrone:
  2. Because it would sound like a Petty knockoff and might injure the Hertbreakers brand. Tom knows what he is doing, and Mike trusts him. Mike is more committed to the Heartbreakers than he is to his own material.
  3. Benmont loves acoustic piano. We're lucky for all the acoustic guitar/piano work he did with Johnny Cash on the last four American albums.
  4. Definitely "I Can't Fight It" is a Dylan-influenced thing. In addition to those mentioned above, the Yardbirds seem to be a big influence (at least to my ear).
  5. Note Mike Campbell playing pedal steel on "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" (37:30). I know of no time he's played it on a Petty song (live or studio), though I vaguely remember him playing it on "Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man" while backing up McGuinn during this same 1987 tour. I wonder why Marty Rifkin and not Mike played pedal steel on "House On The Woods" given that Mike obviously plays the instrument.
  6. I agree. The amazing songs just came coming all through the early eighties. Discounting what came before 1976, Southern Accents had some of his first weak songs.
  7. Never realized Benmont was there. I had always thought it was Tom solo. I'll have to revisit that entire performance. Thank goodness for the Bridge Benefit.
  8. I remember watching that "You Don't Know How It Feels" on Letterman. I made a point of watching because I was a huge Petty fan. And I remember hating the song. I would go on to absolutely love Wildflowers. It stands today as my favorite Tom Petty album. But I could never really get into that particular song (though I no longer outright hate it). "Hard On Me" sounds like the hit off that album to my ear. It was interesting to read in Conversations that Rick Rubin and Tom felt similarly.
  9. Apparently Jimmy Iovine and Shelly Yakus met working on John Lennon's Walls And Bridges. He discusses that album just prior to discussing Damn The Torpedoes, which he covers from 12:55-20:50 here:
  10. I remember seeing (and enjoying) The Wallflowers open for Petty at the Fillmore in 1997.
  11. The collection is not mine. I just ran across it online.
  12. Someone else may have already posted it, but to me the best Petty cover has to be Johnny Cash's "Southern Accents." Introducing the live version below, Cash says "It's a southern anthem, and I think it's a better one than "Dixie.'"