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  1. I believe Tom said they were the Webb Sisters during the band introductions
  2. Pretty good setlist so far. I've been updating it here.
  3. "Six individual albums from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Warner Bros Records catalog are now available again as stand-alone vinyl titles. She's The One, Echo, The Last DJ and Highway Companion have been re-mastered from the original tapes for this release while Mojo and Hypnotic Eye have been re-pressed from the original masters. The classic Warner Bros Records album Wildflowers will be reissued at a later date and individual titles from the band's Universal Music catalog will be released this summer!" If anyone is interested in these, they're also available on Amazon. I can't believe there is still no release date for Wildflowers.
  4. If you're looking for more of a challenge: https://www.sporcle.com/games/cofey/tom_petty_songs
  5. Check out the link below to Tom's interview on the "Rolling Stone Music Now" podcast. He talks about the upcoming tour as well as the Wildflowers re-release and tour. Once again Tom says that they want to include more deep cuts on this tour. He specifically mentions that "You're Gonna Get It" was a song they wanted to play on the last tour. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/rolling-stone-music-now-podcast-tom-petty-on-new-tour-w458620
  6. I'm not sure about auto-tune, but on Free Fallin there is definitely a backing track for the chorus:
  7. I was a little surprised to see that Chris Stapleton is opening some of the shows this summer after all of this. In a Rolling Stone interview, Chris listed Crawling Back to You as one of the 5 songs he wished he had written so I'm guessing there's a good chance we'll be hearing that at Wrigley. Or maybe this version of You Don't Know How it Feels:
  8. Here's the US link for anyone who wants to buy the track https://artistxite.com/album/Mudcrutch-Trailer
  9. Haven't seen any announcements about this yet, but Palladia has "Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers: Fenway 2014" on their schedule this Thanksgiving.
  10. http://www.songonlyrics.net/soundtracks/entourage-soundtrack-list.html Track 31 - Somewhere Under Heaven. Also, someone posted this in a forum on http://pulsemusic.proboards.com/: "Somewhere Under Heaven" will be the first track released from Tom Petty's Wildflowers - All The Rest, a collection that will complete the original Wildflowers album that had been intended to be a two-disc album. This goes to radio Tuesday at 9:00 AM Eastern and is in the end credits for Entourage (out June 3).
  11. http://www.earwolf.com/episode/benmont-tench/ Benmont was a guest on Jeff Garlin's podcast last week. They talk a lot about Bob Dylan's Musicares speech (Benmont played in the house band), there's a great story about Stan Lynch, and Benmont even shares some thoughts on Star Wars.
  12. Been listening to a lot of live tracks lately: -License to Kill (Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert) -Time to Move On (Bridge School 1994) -Handle With Care (Gainesville 2006) -Mary Jane's Last Dance (MTV Video Awards 1994) -Strangered in the Night (Winterland 1978)
  13. I haven't heard many of the albums on that list, but there were definitely not 35 albums better than "Hypnotic Eye" this year. If there's one album I liked more than "Hypnotic Eye," it's "Lost in the Dream" by The War on Drugs. I highly recommend it.
  14. I'd love for them to bring back the electric version of Learning to Fly, but I'd settle for the Bridge School version: