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  1. My #1 choice would be "Climb That Hill" off of the album "She's the One" released in 1996. While not quite high energy right off the bat, the build of song has nice flow and the booming guitars on the backend of the chorus prelude would really set the tone for the rest of the concert.
  2. Which song would you like the band to open with during the 2017 tour?
  3. I think that is true! love it.
  4. Where is the autotune? You mean the echoing? This is a song I bet the band would retire but it is too popular not to play at concerts.
  5. Not sure why Tom is writing this now even though I am familiar with recent events. Is he under attack for past usage of this and needed to address it? It appears he is writing this to stay in the news/relevant. Probably an idea from management.
  6. While there were certainly a number of great albums you need to have from this year, 2014 will mark the first year since its inception in 1976 that no artist’s album will be certified as platinum from sales. The award is given by the RIAA to mark one million units sold, and with only a few weeks remaining in the year, no album is even remotely close to making the threshold. The two records nearest the magic number are Beyonce’s self-titled album and Lorde’s “Pure Heroine,” but neither have even crossed the 800,000 mark, with sales of both having tapered off months ago. There is one caveat, and that is the fact that the soundtrack to the animated film Frozen has moved well over three million units; but it being a soundtrack and not a single-artist release places it into a slightly different category. Yet the year is not a complete wash, as 60 individual songs have been certified as platinum, and this is a clear reflection of the overall shift that the industry has made back to a singles-based focus. Thanks to digital downloads, buyers are no longer required to purchase an entire album, but when compared to last year, the number of platinum-certified singles is still down more than 20%. The remainder of 2014 is rather bleak in terms of world-wide artists that could move massive units in a short time, as the only possible shot will come from Foo Fighters’ “Sonic Highways;” but it’s been nearly a decade since that band achieved such commercial sales success. Given that reality, it’s safe to say that in nearly every aspect, 2014 will mark the most disappointing and dismal year ever in terms of mainstream music sales. Many will be quick to blame the rise of streaming music services, as a large number of industry executives claim that this discourages the purchase of full albums and even singles to an extent. In fact, this was what many blamed for 2014 marking the lowest album sales since SoundScan tracking began in 1991 just a few weeks ago. When these numbers were released, it was the first solid indication of how uninspiring mainstream releases have been throughout this year, as those two previously mentioned albums that are closest to platinum status were both released in 2013. As the traditional music model changes more and more, the industry must get out of the mud and admit they have to make massive adjustments in their sales approach if they wish to survive. With the reality that songs can get millions of streams and video views, yet only sell tens of thousands of copies, the old model is no longer relevant, and when the big labels collapse, they’ll only have their arrogance and ignorance to blame.
  7. glad they finally have a large one
  8. I've got a few of my owwnnn fauulllt lines
  9. We need the full report after the show.
  10. question for Tom and Mike: How hard is it to restrain themselves from buying guitars non-stop.
  11. good luck!
  12. had a cookout here. great weather
  13. put me in for the Fillmore stint. not a tour ok ok ok. but an amazing series of shows that will be remembered
  14. Going for mp3. vinyl maybe!