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  1. Hi Everyone - I was traveling when tickets went on sale for this... If anyone has 2 extra tickets they would be willing to sell please shoot me an email! Dying to go this year. Thanks!
  2. Lotta's review was dead on. At first when I showed up (I was lucky enough to buy tickets online during the "public sale" -- I guess they only sold about 100 non-invitation tickets through that ticket site I posted earlier) I wasn't sure what to make of the event. Located at a catholic all boys high school with religious statues everywhere. Then there were hot-rod cars (sponsor of event), a girl throwing up on the front steps (small bar, but long line), and a interesting/weird crowd that was part industry people, part sponsors, and part random fans of either Depp or Knobs. The theatre was cool and the sound was great. Knobs were rockin. Though I'd prefer Mike on his non-dussenberg guitars, he played his Red signature model for 90% of the night (only other guitar was the six string Rickenbacker). Obviously because Dussenberg put together the event. Knobs played for about an hour. Highlights for me were Rusty Cage, a cover of the Dead's "Deal", and the closing blues medley. The crowd was seated for the Knobs but other than a few noisy sponsors who were just there to drink and mingle, the crowd was very appreciative and enthusiastic. The way Mike eneded the set, we all thought that the Knobs would be back with special guests. But when the curtain when up, they weren't anywhere to be found, but Johnny Depp and a new band had taken the stage. After a cover of the Stones "happy", Marilyn Manson came out and did 3 songs. Then Alice Cooper did 3 songs. Then Steven Tyler did 3 songs. Then Cooper, Manson, and Tyler all came out and closed the show with the Beatles "Come Together". The crowd was on their feat and cheering/singing along from the moment Manson came out to close. Was an interesting (and pleasant) surprise. I went to see Knobs though and they were great. Have to say I thought the show at the Joint in October was a little bit better, but probably due to crowd and venue (and an awesome cover of JJ Cale's Mama Don't that opened that show and I'm still trying to find a video of!). That's my review!
  3. That was my confusion. everyone said it was a private show, but from that article about the show there was a link to buy tickets for Saturday night... So is it private minus a block of tix released to public? I got 2 tix when they went on sale.. and the tix say imperial ball 8 featuring Mike Campbell,etc Thanks.
  4. Didn't see anything on the Knobs site, but came across this: Assume since tickets are available for purchase this is a confirmed gig? Sounds awesome and interesting venue.