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  1. Covers of Tom Petty songs

    Wow, I was just randomly browsing this thread and absolutely loved this interpretation of Fault Lines. Amazing!
  2. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    I actually like the acoustic version of "Rebels." I do agree however that the electric version they briefly broke out in '08 didn't quite measure up to the Pack Up the Plantation version, which is clearly the best.
  3. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    Looks like we may have another setlist casualty here judging by recent trends. "You Got Lucky" has been dropped from four of the last five shows, including the last three in a row. Setlist down to 18 songs the last two shows. Let's see if anything changes with two nights in Boston on the schedule later this week.
  4. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    Coming back to the setlist quandary for a moment. I know the horse has been beaten to death a million times by now, Here's my (newest) solution. I just don't think it's reasonable for TP to switch up a bulk of the show night to night — there's a consistent performance element and structure on a stadium greatest hits tour that is fine to keep in tact night to night. And if he's going to cap the sow at 19 songs, so be it. To me, all that is needed is three slots of rotation: 1. The new song 2. The deeper cut 3. An acoustic song That's it. Don't mess with the hits, or the openers, or the closers, which changes the show too much and clearly makes TP uncomfortable. If you turn those three slots into wide-ranging rotations night to night, you are doing more than enough to inject variety into the static shows for both the band's benefit and the fans', you're not jeopardizing the heart of the show or the flow, and you're not giving TP anxiety. Here's my suggestion. Static songs in regular font; rotation slots in bold: 1. Rockin' Around With You 2. Mary Jane's Last Dance 3. You Don't Know How It Feels 4. New song rotation: Forgotten Man/Red River/All You Can Carry/Fault Lines/U Get Me High/American Dream Plan B 5. You Got Lucky 6. I Won't Back Down 7. Free Fallin 8. Walls 9 Don't Come Around Here No More 10. It's Good to Be King 11. Deeper cut rotation: Crawling Back to You/You're Gonna Get It/Something Big/Have Love Will Travel/Swingin/Good Enough 12. Wildflowers 13. Learning To Fly 14. Acoustic song rotation: No Second Thoughts/Time to Move On/Square One/Two Gunslingers/Dogs on the Run/Rebels 15. I Should Have Known It 16. Refugee 17. Runnin Down A Dream 18. You Wreck Me 19. American Girl That allows the tour to maintain its greatest hit flavor without simply going through the motions. My biggest qualms with the current setlist is the laziness of "Forgotten Man" and "Yer So Bad." Really Tom, you can't bother to rehearse any other songs from Hypnotic Eye? It is a tragedy that so much good stuff goes completely unplayed from that album. And "Yer So Bad" just feels too easy. There is so much more the band could explore acoustically. Those are the easiest areas to explore variety in the concert. Rotating out "Crawling Back to You" for a non-Wildflowers cut is a nice change also. I'm not talking about busting out super obscure stuff like "Sweet William" or "Restless" or "Ain't Love Strange" or anything — save that for smaller venues and residencies. I think second tier songs that we know they've already rehearsed would do fine there. Anyway, that's my .02 for the day!
  5. Hyde Park Coming Up This Sunday

    Haha, I have to admit I found it funny that they couldn't simply add SDMHA to the setlist — they had to drop "You Got Lucky" to maintain that hard 19-song cap.
  6. New songs on Sirius

    As far as I've heard, he last new studio track they introduced was "How Much Do You Need" by Mudcrutch, which is a pretty great song. That was several months ago though, so they're definitely due for a new one, if they're keeping it up. They have played some deep live cuts, including "Cry to Me."
  7. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    I don't think changing the setlist every night is that important. The only people who care are a. privileged people who get to see multiple shows on a given tour (a very small audience) and b. setlist obsessives who follow the stats online. I belong to the second group (for better or worse! haha) and admit it would be abstractly satisfying to see different songs pop up night to night. But we're not in the arenas night after night, so how much difference would it really make? To me, the issue is varying the setlist tour to tour. That is where they have just phoned it in for the most part, keeping the same setlist construction not just from the 2014 prototype but the last decade of relatively static tours.
  8. 2017 Tour Videos

    Was just coming here to say they played "Swingin'" last night and saw this. This is amazing!
  9. TPATH 40th discussion on band dynamics, effect of WF & more from other site

    Two other interesting links from that thread: 1. This negative 2002 concert review that, IMO, intimidated TP from taking a more adventurous approach to setlists moving forward. 2. This full band mini interview clip I had never seen before.
  10. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    I've been thinking about this as well. "Swingin'" is one of my favorites, so I am very glad it was dusted off. But why only once? It seems like such a waste, to me, for the band to go through the effort of rehearsing an off-the-beaten-path song just to perform it one time. Off the top of my head, I came up with the following list of songs from the past several tours that were performed just once: Flirting With Time Southern Accents Makin Some Noise When the Time Comes You're Gonna Get It Nightwatchman House in the Woods The Damage You've Done Fault Lines Swingin' There are probably a few more I can't remember right now as well, as well as songs that are rehearsed but never performed at all ("You're Gonna Get It"? "Out in the Cold"?), but it goes to show you there is so much depth to the HB's arsenal that gets worked up but never featured live.
  11. TPATH 40th discussion on band dynamics, effect of WF & more from other site

    That is a really good discussion with some knowledgeable fans and interesting takes. Let's get some of those people over here! Haha
  12. Melinda live from 2011

    Fantastic song, great video!
  13. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    This is a valid point. TP can do whatever he wants at any point, and he actively chose to do this giant "anniversary" celebration of the greatest hits arena tour. I think it was in the Rolling Stone interview where he said something to the effect of "when I saw the venues they had booked." Who is "they"? Haha. No one else is telling him what to do. He has absolute autonomy and control over his career. He could have very simply decided to do the Wildflowers thing, releasing "All the Rest" and playing some smaller theatres. He purposely chose this route instead, which is fine, but he shouldn't pretend like it was some kind of obligation. (And, even within this chosen scenario, he is taking the path of least resistance, adding virtually nothing to the setlist, not evening changing the order of the songs from 2014).
  14. Swingin' at Jazz Fest

    Holy crap! If I was standing in the crowd when that dropped out of nowhere from the heavens, I would have lost my s***! "Swingin'" is one of my all-time favorites, and it hasn't been played in 18 years. That definitely registers way up there. Plus it sounded AMAZING. Benmont really shines. With "Good Enough" on board as well, another live favorite, this tour just got interesting!
  15. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    I am as big of a fan of Mike as anyone in the world, but with his jet black dreadlocks, big hat and sunglasses, he's starting to look a little like an entirely different lead guitarist...... If Tom decides to add "Welcome to the Jungle" or "Sweet Child o' Mine" as a cover song to the set mid-tour, we'll know why!!