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  1. Two other interesting links from that thread: 1. This negative 2002 concert review that, IMO, intimidated TP from taking a more adventurous approach to setlists moving forward. 2. This full band mini interview clip I had never seen before.
  2. I've been thinking about this as well. "Swingin'" is one of my favorites, so I am very glad it was dusted off. But why only once? It seems like such a waste, to me, for the band to go through the effort of rehearsing an off-the-beaten-path song just to perform it one time. Off the top of my head, I came up with the following list of songs from the past several tours that were performed just once: Flirting With Time Southern Accents Makin Some Noise When the Time Comes You're Gonna Get It Nightwatchman House in the Woods The Damage You've Done Fault Lines Swingin' There are probably a few more I can't remember right now as well, as well as songs that are rehearsed but never performed at all ("You're Gonna Get It"? "Out in the Cold"?), but it goes to show you there is so much depth to the HB's arsenal that gets worked up but never featured live.
  3. That is a really good discussion with some knowledgeable fans and interesting takes. Let's get some of those people over here! Haha
  4. Fantastic song, great video!
  5. This is a valid point. TP can do whatever he wants at any point, and he actively chose to do this giant "anniversary" celebration of the greatest hits arena tour. I think it was in the Rolling Stone interview where he said something to the effect of "when I saw the venues they had booked." Who is "they"? Haha. No one else is telling him what to do. He has absolute autonomy and control over his career. He could have very simply decided to do the Wildflowers thing, releasing "All the Rest" and playing some smaller theatres. He purposely chose this route instead, which is fine, but he shouldn't pretend like it was some kind of obligation. (And, even within this chosen scenario, he is taking the path of least resistance, adding virtually nothing to the setlist, not evening changing the order of the songs from 2014).
  6. Holy crap! If I was standing in the crowd when that dropped out of nowhere from the heavens, I would have lost my s***! "Swingin'" is one of my all-time favorites, and it hasn't been played in 18 years. That definitely registers way up there. Plus it sounded AMAZING. Benmont really shines. With "Good Enough" on board as well, another live favorite, this tour just got interesting!
  7. I am as big of a fan of Mike as anyone in the world, but with his jet black dreadlocks, big hat and sunglasses, he's starting to look a little like an entirely different lead guitarist...... If Tom decides to add "Welcome to the Jungle" or "Sweet Child o' Mine" as a cover song to the set mid-tour, we'll know why!!
  8. The most excited I've been about Heartbreakers tours was summer 2001 and fall 2002. Add to that the fact that those tours were bookended by the '99 Echo tour and the '03 Vic run (two of my favorites), and you have what is without a doubt the golden age of live Heartbreakers for me. No tour since then has created the same level of excitement, even though I've enjoyed several shows. Residencies and studio albums definitely take precedence at this point for my personal consumption! But there's no denying the large scale joy a big tour brings to so many fans.
  9. Lots of good stuff there dollardime, thanks for your insights! I agree that the band —Tom especially — is acknowledging its own limitations. Safe setlist without any challenging songs. Safety net back-up singers. More quiet songs. Short show. Teleprompter. While on the one hand it's not quite as exciting for us to follow, on the other I can't blame Tom — there's no way he knew 40 years ago he'd be playing to enormous crowds on long tours in his mid 60s!!
  10. So, three shows in, and we've already got setlist attrition. "American Dream Plan B" and "Something Good Coming" were both one-and-dones, and "Walls" has been dropped as well. Nothing new added. Show length down to 18 songs. (According to setlist.fm info)
  11. Best opening night collection of photos and videos so far: JamBase recap What an inspired choice for opening song! "Rockin' Around"! I never would have guessed they'd play that. It sounded great, and I hope it sticks. Other than that, a pretty "safe" setlist overall, I'd say. Not a bad one though. We'll see how/if it varies or shortens as the tour goes on. Wildflowers and of course FMF were definitely well represented. Nice to see two from both Hypnotic Eye and Mojo. Also cool that "You Got Lucky" made it back for the first time in a while. I was surprised a little to see the two back up singers, but I think that was probably inevitable at some point to ease the burden on TP and Scott. Hopefully that will allow the band to take on some more vocally challenging songs. (For example, I doubt they would have played "Rockin Around" without the extra support.) Could help with things like "You're Gonna Get It" or "Spike." Or, if we get lucky, maybe even something like "You Can Still Change Your Mind" or "Waiting for Tonight"...? The band is looking great! Ron's new look suits him well. Mike looks like the only hold out now who won't go quietly into that night of "age acknowledgement" with his jet black-dyed hair. TP definitely looks rejuvenated after appearing somewhat weary on last summer's Mudcrutch tour. I hope everyone who was there had a great time and can report back with actual in-person observations! For instance, was "Walls" acoustic or more full band? In any case, I'm glad the tour is off and running, and I hopefully we gets lots more videos to watch over the next few months.
  12. So, this MusicCares thing is only a few days away, and there really isn't much info/publicity out there on it. Will it be televised?
  13. I thought of another one this morning that I would rank as unusual/unique in the Heartbreakers catalog: "Grew Up Fast" from She's the One. That one has a different vibe and structure than a typical Petty-penned song.
  14. I think that's a really good setlist, martin. Very realistic and logical. It meets all the criteria except for "Mary Jane's Last Dance" and "Learning to Fly."
  15. I think that's a pretty good guess, Shelter. Setlist junkie that I am, I was thinking about this last night too. Even with the set-in-stone constraints of less than 20 songs and the 7 staples, there are still a million ways this could go, but based on everything we know about Tom's preferences and the recent history of HBs' setlists, here is my educated projection of the 2017 setlist: The Waiting Mary Jane's Last Dance Listen to Her Heart Fooled Again Free Fallin' I Won't Back Down Straight into Darkness All You Can Carry Walls (acoustic) It'll All Work Out (acoustic) Learning to Fly (acoustic) Don't Come Around Here No More I Should Have Known It Refugee Runnin Down a Dream You Wreck Me Cover song du jour American Girl Keep in mind I am not saying that is what I would do, just my guess, based on the past, of what is most likely. That setlist does cover a lot of ground, representing all albums except the Echo–The Last Dj–Highway Companion trio that usually gets left out anyway. 13 out of 16 is not bad though. It features a new opener, since historically Tom changes the first song after a couple of years. It has one new track from the most recent release as well a choice cut from the "old days" that they've showed previous interest in (Fooled Again). It also has a couple "deeper" cuts of Tom's personal favorites (Straight into Darkness and It'll All Work Out) that also happen to help cover a few lesser-played albums. I stuck to a hard 18 — it's tempting to add another song or two, and you could make a case for 19 or possibly 20 being in play, but 18 is the most common show length, especially for a long stadium tour. I also feel the structure I chose matches most closely with the way Tom constructs shows.