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  1. late ..... and a fine. Bad boy.
  2. This is the one guitar that I would bag if possible.
  3. I'm fortunate to have 4 lovely acoustics that cover all my needs. Collings C10, Martin 00028EC, Furch OM34 and Gibson J45. Really, it's best I just practice and get better because a vintage this or a sparkling that is a temporary pleasure. I always fancied a black Everley Brothers Gibson J180, but do I need it? Hell no.
  4. Ho about this little baby?
  5. Beatles.
  6. That doesn't look good for you, I'll pass.
  7. Good news always welcome. Well done Malaika!
  8. Yes. I've been watching this recently. His enthusiasm is catching and I love the Sgt. Pepper riff.
  9. German and Welsh? What strange brew is this?!
  10. I hope the New Year brings you health, happiness and front row tickets. My very best wishes to you all.
  11. George Michael has gone. Not a day goes past when we do not think about him or speak kindly of him. He was our neighbour and I was hoping to see him on New Year's Eve. I loved him and his music even though it wasn't my preferred style, because he spoke from his heart about things that mattered, he was generous and kind, and he was one of us. Each year it would take a week to put up the beautiful Christmas lights in his garden. A gift to all of us who live nearby. They shine even now.
  12. Me too. Nice present.
  13. Hey! We were at the IOW too. I was 4 or 5 from the front. They was a guy on my right leant against me for most of the show. He was drunk and had a bottle of whisky in his hand. When he started an out-of-tune Free Falling, I dropped my shoulder and he hit the deck!
  14. American Girl. They rip it up.
  15. Oh. Are you on your own? You'll have to shout out to us. Send me a message closer to the time. I saw Neil Young and the Who there recently and it was great.