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  1. NGD!

    That's a beauty. Hope you get loads of pleasure from it.
  2. George Harrison Amp for sale

    I'll race you to the buy page.
  3. Happy Birthday Roger McGuinn

    Another hero of our lifetimes.
  4. Hyde Park Coming Up This Sunday

    I've never been to a Heartbreakers/Mudcrutch/Dirty Knobs gig when I couldn't wipe the smile off my face and this was no exception. It's always great to see Tom and the boys. I took my wife and two of my children and they were totally in bliss. The Shelters (2nd time I've seen them) have come on hugely and gave a great set. Stevie, with Waddy and her band were mesmerising and we are all now converted! I totally agree with what is being said above. The excitement has definitely gone for me with the Heartbreakers. We've all heard the greatest hits so many times. I enjoyed Crawling Back To You, Rockin' Around With You, and the Stevie duet. I love any song when Mike gives it a go but I'm not so keen on the soft ballads, but I got into the sing along (along with 60,000 others). Hyde Park is a great venue and I've always had a wonderful time there. This was no different. It's always sweet when Mike tips his hat or throws his picks my way (my son caught one) or Tom smiles at my wife (grrrr). I am fortunate enough to have been halfway round the world and have the band play on my doorstep a few times too and I always meet great people and make new friends Like Amber and Barbie. Rock isn't dead, there are plenty of exciting bands out there like the Shelters and Vintage Trouble. There is huge comfort in the familiar too. Until the next time.
  5. Hyde Park Coming Up This Sunday

    Looks like only 2 people going then? I'll save you all a spot by the stage
  6. Happy Birthday, Nurk!

    Many Happy Returns from the UK. Thanks for all the inspiration over the past year and looking forward to more to come.
  7. Only date outside North America. Who's going and how far are you travelling?
  8. Question of the day 7/2/17

    Good question! "Wake Up Little Suzie"?
  9. Electric Guitar Death?

    I kill mine every night.
  10. Question of the day 6/23/17

    Quicksilver Messenger Service
  11. Chords for your fav songs

    Sweet. Thanks Benny.
  12. George Harrison Telecaster

    Too kind. Thank you.
  13. George Harrison Telecaster

    It's 8lbs and without checking, and they are medium jumbos. They are just under 3mm.
  14. George Harrison Telecaster

    Try this for a taster - It's the 1st time I plugged it in. https://youtu.be/YH7Zd4Ps-qM
  15. George Harrison Telecaster

    Yes. He's got a production line going since Christmas. Blue Strat, Korina Explorer and Thinline Tele! I'll be testing them out soon. I didn't succeed in uploading a video. Any tips Nurk?