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  1. Sweet. Thanks Benny.
  2. Too kind. Thank you.
  3. It's 8lbs and without checking, and they are medium jumbos. They are just under 3mm.
  4. Try this for a taster - It's the 1st time I plugged it in. https://youtu.be/YH7Zd4Ps-qM
  5. Yes. He's got a production line going since Christmas. Blue Strat, Korina Explorer and Thinline Tele! I'll be testing them out soon. I didn't succeed in uploading a video. Any tips Nurk?
  6. Beautiful work.
  7. He hand rasped the neck. He figured the shape from watching me play.
  8. My son made me this for Christmas last year. He remembered that my 1st electric was a Japanese rosewood tele. He's not a luthier by trade and this is his 2nd build. It took him 90 hours. He now winds the pick ups by hand but he did source original hardware for this one. As you can see he has routed it out for lightness. It was a complete surprise, and I cried a little. If I can I'll upload a short video.
  9. late ..... and a fine. Bad boy.
  10. This is the one guitar that I would bag if possible.
  11. I'm fortunate to have 4 lovely acoustics that cover all my needs. Collings C10, Martin 00028EC, Furch OM34 and Gibson J45. Really, it's best I just practice and get better because a vintage this or a sparkling that is a temporary pleasure. I always fancied a black Everley Brothers Gibson J180, but do I need it? Hell no.
  12. Ho about this little baby?
  13. Beatles.
  14. That doesn't look good for you, I'll pass.
  15. Good news always welcome. Well done Malaika!