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  1. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    I've been wondering this, too.
  2. ZOLLO: I’ve heard you don’t like to talk about the Echo album, because it was such a dark period for you. But that’s a great album. It really holds up. PETTY: You know, that was my position for a long time. I didn’t listen to Echo. That was one of the worst periods of my life. When I made that record. I was going through a divorce, and really life had just gone to hell. [Laughter] I was having a really hard time. Living alone. Rick Rubin [the producer] swears I wasn’t there on that record. Yeah. So that’s the best Tom Petty record that Tom Petty wasn’t at. [Laughter] I didn’t play it for many years, and then we were driving into town one day, and it came on in the car, because Dana had been playing it, and I started to turn it off, and she said, “No, listen to this.” And I did, I listened to it, and I really enjoyed it. It was so much fun, because I had no idea what was coming next. It was one of those records during which I had shut down so much, that I didn’t even remember some of the songs. They came on and I said, “What’s this?” I’ve never done that before. [Laughs] But then again, there’s other things like that. Rick Rubin came by the other day and gave me this boxed set of Johnny Cash. And there’s a duet on there of me and Cash singing a Merle Haggard song called “The Running Kind.” And it was a really good take, and I have no memory, at all, of us doing that. I can’t remember it. I guess so much happened in that period, that I don’t remember doing it. [Laughs] That’s a nice surprise when you hear things like that. But we did so much recording between Wildflowers and the end of Echo. There was a lot of recording done, with different projects like the Johnny Cash stuff. I still think that’s the best Heartbreakers record. Johnny Cash Unchained. It’s the best playing we ever did. I love that record. And I’m so proud that we did it, and did it so well. FULL INTERVIEW: http://thepettyarchives.com/?page_id=9986
  3. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    @Mudcrutch Thank you for that! I've been hoping to find a collection of statements by other musicians and fans. A few people I like (outside of the music community) have made statements, too. Jeremy Clarkson (of Top Gear/Grand Tour fame) tweeted about how Tom Petty was the best live show he had ever seen. (And he is a huge music fan, Fleetwood Mac fan, etc). Also, Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning (Youtube comedy show) talked about Tom and their life experiences with his music this morning. It was touching and lighthearted.
  4. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    If this had happened this time last month, I feel it would have been a lot worse for me. Yes, I've been crying, but I've come to peace with it. This happens and he led an amazingly full life. On September 12th, a good friend of mine lost her son, her pregnant daughter-in-law, and her 3-yr-old granddaughter after a semi ran a red light. I'm still pretty broken up about it. Yes, losing Tom hurts, but he lived a full life (in my eyes). The loss of Tom is hard to get though, but my perspective has changed a lot in the last month. George Harrison and Roy Orbison were both younger than Tom was when they passed. I'm not trying to make comparisons, but I do feel that Tom went out gracefully and fulfilled, even if it's just my opinion, it does offer some comfort to me.
  5. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    I honestly keep thinking about...sort of... how in the hell is Tom gone... yet Keith Richards is still kickin'? It seems so out of the blue. I'm not interested in spreading gossip, but I will mention this: Someone shared an anonymous source saying he fractured his hip right before the tour and was taking hip injections and lots of pain medication rather than postpone the shows. Tom has always had that selfless kind of drive where he seemed to feel obligated to please fans. To some extent, this makes me feel almost guilty, but I know there's nothing any of us could have done. He was 66, almost 67, and things like this do happen. I just hope he was able to spend time with family after the tour ended. I try to console myself: this was a hugely successful tour, he lived for those two hours on stage, and he got to spend a week at home afterwards. I think for him, although premature, it was a pretty decent way to go out. It could have been a lot worse. The pain I feel is immense, so I cannot imagine how those truly close to him feel. It's heart shattering, but we need only press play or spin a record to have him with us again.
  6. Tribute tattoo help

    Maybe some lyrics in his handwriting? If you google "Tom Petty Handwriting" a few results come up of songs he's written. You could cherry pick a line or couple words from there and recreate it in his handwriting. I saw a lady recently who asked J.K. Rowling on Twitter to write the words "Expecto Patronum" in her handwriting and take a picture of it so the lady could get it tattooed on her! She did it and it looked really neat. I think it's a pretty clever idea. Also agree with Farmer101. If you share some tattoo styles you like with us, we might be able to help better!
  7. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    I usually put my feelings into art of some kind... It's not much but this is my contribution from this restless night.
  8. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    He has his wings now <3
  9. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    He's gone now. Annakim posted "RIP" on her Instagram. He's joined the jam with Howie, Roy, and George.
  10. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    Those are the exact lines that have been playing in my head all day, too.
  11. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    A friend of mine mentioned how brain death is determined. There are lots of tests to determine and clarify the condition of a patient's brain. Although Tom is physically alive and in critical condition, it may take a day or two before we hear any news regarding his brain condition. This will likely also have to be verified by a second doctor. http://surgery.med.miami.edu/laora/clinical-operations/brain-death-diagnosis
  12. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    I can't either. Too painful and sad.
  13. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    http://uproxx.com/music/tom-pettys-daughter-slams-rolling-stone-annakim-violette-slams/ One hour ago (like 7:30 EST) seems to be the most recent update. Looks like Annakim is in the hospital. I hope there are more updates soon, but I'm not incredibly positive. I can't believe how much of a #$%^&^%$ this reporting has been... She cussed out Rolling Stone for prematurely announcing his death (and relying on a false, now retracted LAPD account), and for having crappy tabloid journalism (Thanks Annakim; I totally agree and quit subscribing years ago). I am a bit confused as to why LAPD reported this. Tom lives in Malibu, unless he was in LAPD's jurisdiction when it happened?
  14. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    I can't stop crying. I'm so heartbroken. I hate that it was so close to the end of the tour. I'm just praying he was able to spend time with his family and loved ones before this...