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  1. No, I'm sure I've never walked away from a Tom Petty concert disappointed. But certainly, who wouldn't want to hear more songs, and different set lists? I just don't drone on about it endlessly. No offense.
  2. That was my experience exactly. I saw both shows at the Gorge on that tour and the Black Crowes did not repeat a song from the first night to the 2nd. And Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers put on one of the greatest rock shows I'd ever seen up to that point. I wouldn't change a thing....from either band.
  3. I've never actually played a J160e that I liked - either Gibson or Epiphone. I find them to be more percussive than musical. As you said, very brassy. But very Beatley.
  4. I'm thinking a brazilian rosewood dreadnought - either Martin or Taylor. I passed on a used Taylor 810B for $2,500 a while back. Just couldn't pull it off at the time. Taylor is making the best acoustic guitars right now, in my opinion. A late 60's Martin D-28 is going to run over $5,000. But since you said money is no object, I'll take a pre-1970 Martin D-45 please. Probably about $20,000. EDIT: I was close - $26,000
  5. Blingy! Looks a lot like the Gretsch White Penguin.
  6. Here's McGuinn with his "Light Show" Rickenbacker.
  7. The Beatles.
  8. Hey - for anyone that is not a member of the HCC, but still wants a shot at tickets for the Safeco Field show in Seattle, the Seattle Mariners are having their own little pre-sale starting this afternoon at 1:00 pm. That should at least get you ahead of the general public sale which starts Monday I think. The code is: FELIX (4 ticket limit)
  9. Marion has generously shared the download here. I can't recall exactly where in the show he says it but I believe they were talking about the time The Bangles were invited in to do background vocals. He doesn't mention Zombie Zoo by name, but he says something like "I hated the last song on Full Moon Fever, and if we ever remaster it, I want to replace it". I'm paraphrasing. And he told the story of the record company rejecting the album at first.
  10. Did you hear the "Tom Talks To Cool People" episode with Susanna Hoffs? He said he hated "Zombie Zoo" and if they ever remaster "Full Moon Fever" he intends to replace it on the record. I hope he doesn't follow through on that. I like the song. My band has played it a time or 2.
  11. I'm a guitar player and I think Neil Young is a brilliant guitarist. So no, I don't trust you.
  12. Awesome. That looks great. How do they sound together? Probably need to break those speakers in for a while, I would imagine.
  13. That's cool. Sort of setup like a Les Paul, but shaped more like a Telecaster. How is the weight?
  14. Safeco Field, Seattle. Saturday night, August 19th. Friggin' perfect.
  15. Sweet. We need to rock at your place. :-)