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  1. Question of the day 9/20/17

    Seems likely, but so far away that it would be unreachable. At least by any laws of physics that we know about.
  2. Guitar Pedals

    Nurk - that would be awesome. You build that, and I will drive across the country to come see it. Go for it!
  3. 12 string guitars

    Have not done that. I guess it would be more pull on the neck with the heavy strings replacing the light ones. Might even need a truss rod adjustment. Probably sound really thick with doubling the mids and lows. Louder maybe. Interesting idea, let us know if you try it.
  4. Question of the day 9/15/17

    My band is playing on Saturday. That is unless my grandson decides to make his arrival into this world. He's very early, not due until early December, but we're going to have to go get the little critter because he's not doing great. We could use a prayer or 2 if you have any laying around. Everyone is staying positive, which is good.
  5. Question of the day 9/12/17

    What about "Wings Over America"? I love those 3 record sets. I still have the poster from that record on the wall in the cave. Sorry, what were we talking about?
  6. Do you drink Coffee?

    I drink 1 or sometimes 2 cups in the morning. Nothing fancy, just black coffee. I do let it cool a bit. I have blistered the roof of my mouth before with hot coffee and that is not happening again. I don't do the expensive coffee and definitely not Starbucks after their evil owner sold my basketball team to Oklahoma City. Nothing against them, but that was my team. But, I digress...
  7. Guitar Pedals

    Interesting, but I didn't really see anything there that I would use with my band. The fuzz and distortion were too heavy for our stuff, although it could likely be dialed back some. The rest of it sounded a bit like a chorus, which I don't use. I tend to go more organic. I put some reverb on it and enough tubescreamer to add a bit of hair to it, and walla. It's a tone a lot like Mike Campbell and Tom Petty use. Not surprisingly. :-)
  8. Question of the day 9/12/17

    Wings are for flying. :-)
  9. Thanks for what you do here, Ryan. I don't have any earthshaking suggestions, but I'll say this is one of a small number of websites that I visit on a daily basis and I appreciate that it's here. Facebook is not a major thing for me at all, and the Tom Petty forum is "pay to play". Although I typically have joined in the past, I'm not sure I'll do it again - which means this is the only game in town for discussing and obsessing over our favorite band. So - what is this place? It's the corner pub where I can pull up a stool, open an adult beverage, and have a look around. Maybe even chime in once in a while.
  10. Hurricane Irma

    I have some friends in Orlando that I spoke to earlier today. They're going to ride it out at home. And I've heard this is expected to be more damaging than Andrew. Fingers crossed and prayers for all of you in the path.
  11. Yes. And I do every day. :-)
  12. Here's something I hadn't seen before. Mike talking about and demonstrating his vibrato technique on guitar.
  13. Photo of the Day Part III

    I get it. It's a Tommy gun.
  14. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    Not sure which part you thought was embarassing, Mary Jane. The author was I guess trying to make a bunch of baseball analogies because that's what happens at Safeco Field 99% of the time. He's a pretty accomplished writer normally, but this was maybe a little clumsy. Losing the sound for an entire song should be embarassing for the band. Usually they are spot on with the sound, but not this time. Then Tom could have made it up to us, but chose not to. This concert (and entire tour, really) rates at the bottom slot of all-time Tom Petty concerts/tours for me. Even the Red Rocks show where they did the impromptu boogie thing during yet another problem on stage. That was not as cool as everyone seems to have made it out to be. It was a desperate attempt by Ben to just do something instead of dead silence. Problem was Mike had a mandolin in his hands and how do you boogie with a mandolin? And Tom was busy trying to sort out whatever was broken at that moment. 2 shows in a row for me on this tour where they had to stop the show and leave the stage. Must be some kind of record. I'm not saying the show sucked, because it's not possible for the Heartbreakers to suck. When they're going good, nobody can touch them. I just didn't feel the magic this time around.
  15. George Harrison Tele

    Saw that. They're only making 1,000 and they're only $2,500. Those should go immediately. Wasn't there a custom shop version some years ago that was like $6,000 or some big number? I wonder what this does to the value of those earlier ones?