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  1. I just listened to the October 2002 show from Shoreline Amphitheather - a really nice audience tape by the way - and it pretty much mirrors the setlist described in that review above. 8 songs from the latest release and no "Free Fallin' or "American Girl". A setlist heavy on the latest album and a deep dive into the catalog. The thing is, the audience is dead quiet and only politely clapping after the songs. They were waiting for the hits that never came. That kind of reception teaches the artist a thing or 2 about what the audience wants to hear.
  2. That was great, thanks!
  3. Great to hear "Swingin'" again. I hope they play it when I see them.....and more from "Echo", please! I'm with Benmont on that - he'd rather they play an entire show of "Echo".
  4. I see Sam Ash carries them and has a 45 day return policy. You might go that route, and give it back if you don't like it. I'd have to play through one for a while to form an opinion. They're solid state, which isn't my first choice. But hey, the Heartbreakers have recorded and toured with solid state amps so what do I know?
  5. Very nice! I really like that fretboard too. Great looking wood on the body and neck. What fretwire is on there, do you know? And nice idea routing the body out like that. Most of the rosewood Telecasters I've seen all seem to be quite heavy. What does yours weigh?
  6. You'll probably need to put the video up somewhere else (like youtube) and point to it from here.
  7. Beautiful! Looks like he made a Strat too?
  8. "Brownie" was why I bought my '56 Strat back in '82.
  9. Remember some years back when the Gibson Custom Shop re-issued the Eric Clapton ES-335 from his "Cream" days? One of the guys in my band bought one. It was also over $12,000. I asked his wife if she would adopt me, but sadly she declined.
  10. Really cool guitar, but at a crazy high premium price of $12,500. And heavy too - 9 lbs. I'll have to pass.
  11. I couldn't say on the price either, but I can vouch for Sweetwater. Best prices I've ever been able to negotiate, and always top quality.
  12. I do like the white better. The headstock especially - it looks like a White Falcon. One problem I see right away is the feedback buster won't work in that sound hole. Could have a problem with feedback when playing live with the band.
  13. That is a beauty. I love the abalone binding on the body that contrasts against that black finish. Gorgeous.
  14. Oh yeah - we filed right around Feb 1st, and got our return within about 10 days.