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  1. ^ I love this version as much as the other version. Just a great song and a great vocal by John either way.
  2. Have they said if HC members are going to get a download of live material from this tour? I don't recall reading that.
  3. Considering only FM broadcasts or soundboards, here are a few: 2003 Soundstage - Chicago 2003-04-19 - Live at the Vic - Chicago 1995-03-08 - Live in Chicago 1993-11-04 - Live in Gainesville (Westwood One) 1992-03-12 - Live in Grugahalle, Essen, Germany
  4. Mr. Tambourine Man
  5. That was cool, thanks. I've always loved the Kinks. My first band played "All Day And All Of The Night", and my current band just started doing "Sunny Afternoon" which is a really fun song.
  6. ^ Thanks!
  7. I haven't heard "How Much Do You Need". What is that one like?
  8. Sorry - I wasn't specifically referring to the Columbus, Ohio show. I saw them at Red Rocks, both shows. Maybe it was because of the layoff from the first part of the tour, but I just didn't think they were hitting on all cylinders. I thought there was a lack of polish, and energy - and that is not typical of this band. The first show more than the 2nd. But then the 2nd show was interrupted by the thunder and lightning and 20 minute downpour. That was a total bummer. I just didn't think Tom sounded strong, or looked well, and he's shaking more than ever. It just made me kind of sad. And I haven't even mention what a drag it is getting in and out of Red Rocks with the endless amount of climbing and the traffic. Well, I guess I have mentioned it now. So all of that kind of added up to melancholy. (..but I liked the setlist) :-)
  9. I'm kind of with you. I haven't wanted to post anything negative about the show, but for the first time ever, I came away kind of melancholy. Mixed feelings about the present, and the future of our favorite band.
  10. Nurk - I use a Boss BVB-60. On my board, I currently have a Polycom tuner, a Keeley compressor, a Fulltone OCD (trying it out), an Ibanez Tube Screamer (TS-808 chip), a Fender '63 Reverb pedal, and a Boss TR-2 trem pedal. A couple of my old Fender amps don't have reverb or trem so I use those pedals. Pretty much the Tube Screamer is always on, the rest are used when needed.
  11. The problem with sites like that is they often don't take into account that the artist was using a capo. Look at "Free Fallin'" in that example. They're showing it in "F" which it technically is - but Tom plays it in "E" with capo on 1. You can add capo on this particular site, but it still doesn't use the chord variations that Tom uses. The "B" chord they show is a straight up "B", but Tom never plays it that way. Still, it gets you pretty close I guess.
  12. Awesome, Nurk. I wish we could jam sometime.
  13. I've been thinking about a looper pedal. Let us know how you like it.
  14. Shelter - congratulations on your 1,000th post complaining about the setlist! If you're going for the record, I think you've got it.
  15. I know one thing more ungratifying, and that would be complaining endlessly about the setlists. It's more than a hobby for some around here. It's a way of life.