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  1. Remember some years back when the Gibson Custom Shop re-issued the Eric Clapton ES-335 from his "Cream" days? One of the guys in my band bought one. It was also over $12,000. I asked his wife if she would adopt me, but sadly she declined.
  2. Really cool guitar, but at a crazy high premium price of $12,500. And heavy too - 9 lbs. I'll have to pass.
  3. I couldn't say on the price either, but I can vouch for Sweetwater. Best prices I've ever been able to negotiate, and always top quality.
  4. I do like the white better. The headstock especially - it looks like a White Falcon. One problem I see right away is the feedback buster won't work in that sound hole. Could have a problem with feedback when playing live with the band.
  5. That is a beauty. I love the abalone binding on the body that contrasts against that black finish. Gorgeous.
  6. Oh yeah - we filed right around Feb 1st, and got our return within about 10 days.
  7. Beauty!
  8. Take a look at Dropbox. I think they give a couple of gigs for free. I know I've never paid anything for it. My band shares all of our song charts this way, and I've shared the occasional thing here using it.
  9. Love that one, it's one of my go-to songs on uke for sure.
  10. There were a number of shows in summer '05 that had "Turn This Car Around" from the upcoming "Highway Companions" record. Estero on 6/7, Grand Rapids on 6/28, and Summerfest in Milwaukee on 7/1 were 3 of the shows that I have. All of them were freely shared on Dime. As I recall, that song was dropped shortly after that from the rest of the tour. They're all audience tapes, but I think the Summerfest show is the best sound quality. I need to listen to them again.
  11. I have a Casino Coupe - which has a slightly smaller body size exactly like the Gibson 339 -vs- the full size 335. I play sitting down most of the time, so the smaller body is just a little more comfortable. Sounds just like the bigger brother though. Throw some overdrive at it and it nails the "Revolution" tone.
  12. No, I'm sure I've never walked away from a Tom Petty concert disappointed. But certainly, who wouldn't want to hear more songs, and different set lists? I just don't drone on about it endlessly. No offense.
  13. That was my experience exactly. I saw both shows at the Gorge on that tour and the Black Crowes did not repeat a song from the first night to the 2nd. And Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers put on one of the greatest rock shows I'd ever seen up to that point. I wouldn't change a thing....from either band.
  14. I've never actually played a J160e that I liked - either Gibson or Epiphone. I find them to be more percussive than musical. As you said, very brassy. But very Beatley.
  15. I'm thinking a brazilian rosewood dreadnought - either Martin or Taylor. I passed on a used Taylor 810B for $2,500 a while back. Just couldn't pull it off at the time. Taylor is making the best acoustic guitars right now, in my opinion. A late 60's Martin D-28 is going to run over $5,000. But since you said money is no object, I'll take a pre-1970 Martin D-45 please. Probably about $20,000. EDIT: I was close - $26,000