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  1. with less than a month to this year's event, I guess it's more or less official that no Mudcrutch or TP&TH release will be featured on RSD. at least there's nothing on the various official lists of releases. bummer. I would really, really have appreciated a Mudcrutch live LP. listening to files will never ever compare. TP of all people should know this.
  2. some people has a lot of time on their hands... this was pretty strange...!/vizhome/TomPetty/TPAH
  3. ^ Yeah, no no no,... Read again. Isn't that kinda exactly what I just said?! I really think you go after the wrong end of the argument here. Unless you rephrase that to "Tom is an angel", I'm afraid you have no case. Sorry.
  4. Ok, cool. That's the whole 16 tracks then. Thanks for info! A nice listen, I'm sure. And a great idea for RSD 2017.
  5. so ??? how was it they played the whole 16 tracks?
  6. Lookout Pasadena
  7. so.. on top of all else.. now the immature twitter f├╝hrer that was elected (pride cannot not be the word for THAT) wants to cancel NEA. so much for democracy and culture in our time.
  8. income? d'ya all not live your whole life in here?
  9. glad to hear it was good!
  10. So.. any news on where, when.. shall I say IF, any of this will be available, yet?
  11. Tantalizing thought. But, where to start. As for flying, TP's still learning (pun intended) and I cannot say he's a very bright student. Chanses are that unless you attend a very intimate and/or out of the ordinary show, you will experience not only what they experienced previous night, but also at large what fans experienced on the last tour, or in the last decade. On a good day, or at an early date of the tour, before the formula settles back to familarity, there may, perhaps, be one or two exceptions from this rule. And there sometimes are one or two songs in the nightly set that are somewhat tour specific. Same with covers. Given that the Park will be the only European show, and a pretty huge and un-intimate one at that, I think it's safe to assume the set will be extremely predictable. (As will the big sceens.) Perhaps some of TP's standard between-songs banter will be updated for the occasion. ("Good to be back in England!!") Something to hope for. (To set the bootleg recording aside, if nothing else ) And yes, Stevie will almost certainly do Stop Draggin' with them. A good chance even for I Need To Know and/or Insider as well. But perhaps we should not stretch our imaginations further than that. That said, these guys are always bloody fantastic delivering these songs live. As a first timer, you will likely be blown away!! And I very much envy you for that. Have a blast! And, btw, welcome to the boards!
  12. I wonder how many of them they bothered to include. 5? Kinda takes the whole idea out of this.. idea. I was expecting to be Spike, or perhaps Airport, but, well.. Free Fallin'. I heard "the leader of the 'free' world" entered, and came out "Walls".
  13. ^ Interesting. But not very uplifting. I suppose such suggestions may be offensive to the radical religious segments of TP worship, but speaking for myself, as a music lover only, I can't say I'm neither surprised nor chocked to hear of any double standard, real or imagined, or any less flattering behaviour in general from any member of the Star community. It's so much a rule that it's not even funny. Quite the opposite. A fair amount of mental corroption seems to be mandatory. As is loosing your foothold on reality from various perspectives, may the reasons be Peruvian or merely a misguided sense of human self importance. An abused childhood of your own, serious drug abuse are other sure things not helpful when you want to actually become at core what you created your public persona seems in the eyes of your worshippers, right. So, no. I see no angel here, no. I hear heavenly music and that's all I care for. Taking the risk of sounding madly insensitive here, I would even say that I personally get more upset with any abuse of the artistic integrity and greed than I get from hearing of artist's drug abuse or violent private lives. After all the latter is sad and pathetic, but next to no one seems able to keep above it, while the former though, still have one or two claims to its honor and is what perhaps, bu making the world a better more beautiful and truer place, make all the mayhem somewhat worth it. Fame in general and rock'n'roll in particular, are bad habits that will kill you one way or the other, being it drugs or just your own deflating mind crumbling under the preasure. What's really upsetting is when people fake both their honesty and peacefullness and their artistic integrity. That is when they lie on both levels (Justin Bieber, anyone?) No excuse for that. But again, I much rather have an artist lying about his private life than betraying his artistic truth. That is, if he has one. Otherwise it's just all around pathetic. Just thought I'd offer as much in terms of a counter point, if ithat's even what it is, to what seems like allegations of some sort. Let's not be naive is all I'm saying. That said, there is a twisted poetry in what is said above.
  14. Yeah, no wonder! Most acts tend to have their shows' crisp edges somwehat blurred some twenty shows in. Then again, to others it happens already after three or four shows.
  15. I am actually quite pleased with most vintage budget acoustic guitars that has passed through my hands and home over the years, but if I was to dream, I suppose I would not say no to this one.. or perhaps just this one..