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  1. Yeah, no wonder! Most acts tend to have their shows' crisp edges somwehat blurred some twenty shows in. Then again, to others it happens already after three or four shows.
  2. I am actually quite pleased with most vintage budget acoustic guitars that has passed through my hands and home over the years, but if I was to dream, I suppose I would not say no to this one.. or perhaps just this one..
  3. No, but that is a great set. And somewhat surprising in content. Perhaps 2005 is a slightly underrated year as far as set variety goes. I mean.. looking into it, it seems they skipped American Girl (oh the horror!!) at least four or five times.... Still - a tour with over 40 dates not to feature more than roughly the same nr in total songs, isn't that breathtakingly impressive.* After all, two or three, or even five, more or less surprising songs in the statistics, does not make for a mixed up tour over all - especially when 15 of the songs gets played just one or two times or so. But still.. given what we normally have to consider here, it's a pretty good year for TP statistics. --- My personal theory here (and we've been through this from various angles, so excuse me for repeating myself - this particular dead horse deserves some really bad whipping. stipulates that a good tour, from a set list perspective should consist of either a ) a same set each night built more or less exclusively on unusual, unheard, new or otherwise exciting and unfamiliar, b ) a list that is the object of some heavy rotation of material and thus requires a ratio of total songs/total dates to be rather high (say 60 songs or more for a40 dates tour), or why not both?! But then again, who cares what I think when they can have the fool proof Running Down A Dream experience again and again. We will, yet again, have to see this summer, but sometimes it seems that TP is really playing for the low brow, short memory or autistically safe oriented crowds. Good for them!!
  4. Yeah, that's a great show IMO. Also one of the true classic TP live recordings from back in the day; it used to be one of the professionally made bootlegs that were really easy to come by around here in the early 90s. I might be mistaken, but I think this was actually the first TP live recording in my record collection. I even got it before I got Pack up The Plantation, mind you. (It was this one and the Chapel Hill, NC, 1989 show that was my introductions to TP live.)
  5. Yeah, I've seen what's been around since the day of the show. So, that's it as far as live photage and/or recordings go from this show?? Really? Someone tell me, of all artists, why do these thing 'happen' to TP? (Of course, if Musicares are planning on a charity benefit release of the material of some sort, I don't blame them for the "silence" for now. If not, putting a lid on any recordings - official or unofficial - is really not gentleman like, not worthy of their noble cause and frankly just.. well.. cheap!)
  6. memphis jug band
  7. probably recorded from inside Ringo's yellow submarine, that.
  8. Yes. We'll have to wait and see, won't we. Plenty videos around from earlier Musicares shows, so it would be too bad if all that snuck out of this one was a blurry, muffled and cut Don't Come Around Here No More and some less than exciting minutes of Foo Fighters, and some Good Enough guitar work by Clark Jr's. (Actually.. the latter was better than good enough, so that is among those that I would like to hear in their entiry.)
  9. Well. Mick Jagger wasn't there.... Good point. I kinda overlooked that one. No Taj fan really, but that could turn out to have been quite cool..
  10. ^ why thank you very much! I was starting to think that I was pretty much alone on this one.. here's some new shots from the musicares event
  11. There's is one or two on that list that I really look forward to hearing! Waiting for Tonight - live! I With the Bangles!! Never thought I'd see the day. How cool!! Fantastic really! I am also glad that Lucinda got a new chance at Rebels - a song she should be able to pull off quite nicely - since she really buthcered it last time she tried it, a few years back. And kudos to Regina Spektor for bringing out I Forgive It All! At least someone who dared doing something current. Not too much under the radar stuff otherwise, which is a shame, as always. I am always weary of people doing TP songs anyway - they don't translate to other people's universe that easily, it seems - and that certainly goes especially for the big hits. I suppose songs like Good Enough and Love Is A Long Road goes a bit out of the way, if not quite as far as what can sometimes be heard at tribute shows. (Bob's 30th Celebration comes to mind, where oddities the likes of Foot of Pride, What Was It You Wanted, Seven Days and Licence to Kill (the latter by TP& TH, by coinsidence) was performed. But I guess to some extent these events mirror the honoree. Thus is in this case the code "safety first" may be expected.) "Wtf? No one are gonna play Runnin Down A Dream?! - I better do it myself, then!" Anyways. Will be cool to hear some of this, should it surface.
  12. As for my cents on the Young discussion: I have zero interest in clinically dead perfect virtuoso guitar players - or such A+ people in general - I like the soul, the grit, the temper and expression, the real life aspect of art, to be the main presence. So, I always vote in favor for Neil (despite some of the rather unecessary mess he's outed in his years). Of course, there are people that has both giant soul and perfect technique - like our MC - and kudos to them. I am - however - not sure not keen on the idea of MC and NY throwing it at each other live. I usually don't like that kind of thing. And with slighly clashing energies like that (kinda like the TP vs Springsteen case mentioned somewhere) I have a feeling I wouldn't find it overly entertaining. Besides, NY is too much of a solo person, a main act, as I see it, a lone ranger. That's why I think it would be cool to have Rubin (or someone) cutting a studio album with him, where he - much liked Unchained - would work with The Heartbreakers as a back up band. Personally, I'd love to hear some Ben magic behind NY, perhaps some TP harmonies. All laid out for some re-recorded old NY songs, some interesting covers (how about "Swingin") and perhaps some new stuff. I think that could be pretty cool.