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  1. Today's Good Deed

    Haha! Thanks, man!
  2. What the Last DJ rallied against

    Myself, I actually find that pre-rock era to be very interesting, back when the whole machine surrounding recorded music was rather small and regional, with traveling talent hunters roaming the land with suits and ties and a case of strange equipment. Yet, despite the small scale and hands-on methods of those days, getting to be recorded, and especially distributed, was a way more exlusive thing compared to the big label hey days, or to compared to today, when theoretically we are all our own record label. To hear recorded music back then, really was a big deal, not to say a relgious experience. The myths that was born out of hearing those records, stuff conserning the voices and players heard, was wild and existential things to people. Well.. but have a look around.
  3. Benmont Tench

    I'm not sure he's got quite the type of lead voice, that totally strikes my fancy. But everything else about BT's input to this band, and to the world of recorded and performed music in general, is so beyond compare that it's hard to know where to begin. In my book he's one of the single most important players ever, all categories. With a backing like him and MC, TP is really sitting on the keys to the universe in terms of musical expression. Genius. No other word for it. And funny too!
  4. Today's Good Deed

    don't you just wish that I could like my own posts, so that you don't have to....
  5. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    As for me, I'm trying to be as cynical as I possibly can. Because the approach, at this point, really asks for it. Vegas, you said it. Snoozefest. That said, I like to think, "on a basic human level" TP is fine and dandy. Perhaps even as an artist. Recent era examples suggest as much. As a performing artist though, he's run out of steam in a big way here. I realize that him admitting this would not have sold as many tickets, and wasn't part of his deal. But in the gap between what he tells his fans what he's about and the actual thing he delivers, I find myself free fallin, and not in a good way. I think the line between rock and product has been going from blurred to dismissed and I think dignity is the main casualty. Youre right. It is sad. For real. Its been sad following this year. (Even more so on the very alive Mudcrutch adventure that went down just prior to this). Problem is that the shallow interest of the masses don't even seem to recognize this finalization of the transformation from rocknroll to exhibition (that some of us have worried about but hoped that TP would manage to stay clear of). Profitwise it seems like a no-brainer to sacrifice the artistic pride and enter machine mode. Hence a good reason to keep grinning and serving it up in a technically perfect but soulless manner. Next stop - the fairground circuit. Or. By all means - Vegas. "Hello.. all ye blue haired ladies feel the mojo tonight?!"
  6. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    ^ Not sure if the perfect word for it is "deluded" or "pathetic" or something in between. In the face of.. well.. everything.. that statement there, may be the most embarrassing and stupid thing I have ever heard. Is he deranged? What is he talking about? That skit kinda almost ruined my whole love for this band as a live act at this point... Them being so great, bursting of potential, legacy and catalogue nuggets, yet aiming so incredibly low creatively - to the point of growing rust on their content zombie smirks - is sucking it all out of me... I'm all about done..
  7. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    Illustrates perfectly the difference between going out with a boom and going out with a whimper. Can't believe they skipped one of this tour's few highlights, You Got Lucky, again. Two more to go.. Although it seems this year's been unusually tired and routine, perhaps a little bit of l-i-f-e will seep through at the very end. At this point, something really creative and inspired may be too much to ask.. but.. like I said.. two more.. come on!!
  8. Question of the day 9/20/17

    out there!
  9. Guitar Pedals

  10. Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    Oh, the days when rock stars could look like this...
  11. Random Thoughts Thread

    Admittedly he's just aiming for the 1800s.. but before we know it, he will have us all back to the stone age...
  12. Guitar Pedals

    this thread is one of the best toy stores I've ever been in...! just too bad I don't have quite the skill to make proper use of all these fun gadgets.. or the money to buy them, I gather.. nevertheless.. thanks for keeping the inspiration at fever pitch here!