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  1. thank you all! hope to see you at a show.
  2. Yea we are getting hit. Hard to stop completely because sometimes it is an actual human posting it. Best way is to click REPORT POST right on the top of the text box. Thanks.
  3. Pretty quiet on the TPATH front.... the calm before the storm...
  4. not yet. maybe this weekend.
  5. I don't know acoustic too well... a Martin of some sort probably?
  6. Is Spotify a band?
  7. welcome to The Farm!
  8. nice pics from 2010 lol
  9. lets see some pics
  10. nice
  11. happy bday mike!
  12. What are we thinking... meetup before the show? Downtown? My place?
  13. congrats
  14. I don't buy CDs anymore. I don't even have a DVD player in my house.
  15. They did it for the sound. What about Wildflowers... that is kind of sharp tuning isn't it?