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    My friend saw TPATH last night in Boston. It was his first time seeing them and he was really excited. Anyway, the night before the show, he went and saw a Grateful Dead tribute band called Bearly Dead at a small club. All of the sudden Mike Campbell walks out on stage and plays with the band. The crowd went crazy. He sent me a short video of it. Very cool thing to happen the night before his 1st TPATH show. Also, they added You Got Lucky back into the setlist last night.
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    This is not my friend's clip but it is the same show.
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    Here is a pic from Bearly Dead's FB page.
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    Hey all. Not one of the regular Farmers but absolutely love Petty. I joined the board back before the Beacon shows. But I have been a Petty fan since the beginning and first saw TPATH back in the 80's. I really enjoy the posts from everyone and it gets me so amped up for the show. I am going to the Forest Hills show in NYC next Wednesday with my wife. I have read the the comments about the setlist being basically the same each night. It's a common complaint that fans of many bands have. I am a big Stones fan and have seen them many times and they play mostly the same setlist every night. But they always throw in 2 or three songs that mix things up a bit. Those are the songs that Give me the biggest rush. Sure, I love all of the songs but the rarities are the ones that thrill me. I heard Jagger once say that when he plays those rarities, a thousand people freak out and the other 17,000 have blank stares. lol The reality is that most fans at the shows go for the greatest hits package. An example of that was the TPATH Beacon show. That was my wife's first Petty show. She loved the show but she would have preferred a greatest hits show. I, on the other hand, could not have been more thrilled. I've see the greatest hits many times. Now I am taking her to the show next week and she will get her hits setlist and walk out saying how amazing the show was. And of course it will be amazing... it's TPATH!!! But to me, the Beacon show was the amazing one. Anyway, I am just grateful to be able to see the band again and I will love every minute of it. Thanks again for all of the reviews and comments. You all got my blood pumping for the show.
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    Hot Peppers

    I usually make hot peppers chopped into rings and can them in oil and sometimes white vinegar. This year I'm trying a few quart bottles with chunks of Hungarian Hot peppers in Red wine vinegar. Here's what they look like.
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    Ok break is over. At least soon it is. Soon time to find out if this year, finally, will see the release of a special edition (let's forget the anniversary aspect already... unless you want to wait til 30th... and then it still may be too "busy" or "hard working" for TP to ever find time to have his office release any vault recordings... who knows. cuse me for keep hoping). It's fairly obvious that money is a concern, so let's see if the accountants have come up with any figuers to give the old "All The Rest" concept a go or not - for late this year - or next. Personally, I've lost track on how many years we've waited, but with or without a tour to go with it, the release of any vault material from TP - Wildflowers or otherwise - will always be high priority to me. So, I am still waiting, believe it or not. Perhaps when this tour is over, we will have some new mad jibberish and half promises to keep us hanging another few months, or for the rest of the decade. Can't say I would not be more than happy with plain b-s actually, as it were, dreams and fake news is better than a grim reality in this case. Perhaps that is what TP realized all along...... Anyway - any news on this age old issue would be most welcome this Fall! (As it has been for the last few Falls.) In the meantime I've been distgusted to see the state of the Wildflowers vinyl market... and so called TP collectors behaving like mad ghouls.. quite insane. I've seen it develop for some month, but still there is no sanity in sight.. I remember fondly when there was no copy to be found, or perhaps a rare copy showed up for sale for true collector's prices. You could see one or two Wildflowers copies for sale each year or so, for some $200, $300 or $400. Fair enough, that's the name of the game, when it comes to rare records. (And sometimes big selling records by big selling artists are rare - like with certain 90s vinyl prints.) I've been known to play this game myself. Probably paid at least some ā‚¬200 or so for a record or two that are known to exist in less than a few copies. And I know it can get really strange and ugly sometimes, when it comes to records that hardly exist (not at all or in comparance with how many buyers there are) and by artist that are high in demand among serious collectors. Which for most parts - TP is not. (But ask any record collector what a great condition print of the first different color print version of the first Led Zeppelin album will cost you, for example... It's not even funny. But there are plenty reason for it happening. And that is my point, exactly.) Now, since the wake of the TP reissue vinyl boxes, it seems like A LOT of people have been deciding to sell off their old original print. Flooded market! Great news! As a result I think you can now easily find some 50 or 60 copies for sale internationally, most of which are claimed to be in great condition too. This is more than you've ever even seen on the second hand market all together in the last 20 years. It is not anywhere near rare anymore! Great news, hu? But guess what...? The asked prices for these records actually average h-i-g-h-e-r than it used to do back in the days when it was next to impossible to find one. I see dozens and dozens of them now, being listed for $400, $500 or even $600 and beyond... and no listing is rarely removed due to a sale. This is a pitiful display, that shows vast levels of greed and a crippled understanding of market logic, to say the least. You don't normally increase the price when the market is flooded and demand is down or equal. Most other artists, and most other records, an original Wildflowers LP equal, would be down to $50-150 by now (which, of course is still rare record prices), but apparently the old Wildflowers prints will never exchange owners, they will keep getting more and more expensive and the people who have an extra copy will keep having it, whether they like to or not. I don't see all these records disappearing anyday soon for prices like that. You can get a heck of a lot of other, truly rare music for $500! Most buyers know this. I know this. The sellers apparently don't know it, and most of them don't seem to sell any TP records either, since the list of listings for used TP Wildflowers LPs keeps getting longer as we speak.. Perhaps these sellers are not record people, but rather greedy bastards. Who knows.
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    I always love getting my teeth into a good musician biography...authorised or unauthorised (the latter usually hits home a bit more truthfully) Hank Williams - I Saw The Light biography by Colin Escott.....fascinating read on the music industry and how they worked releases/the business model used at the time to promote artists. Musicians could actually make a lot of money from Jukebox plays back in the late 40's....albums were used as a means to cobble together some out takes that weren't top drawer, Billboard singles chart was King, and getting the popular artists of the day to cover your song was a great way to rake in the royalty payments (particularly if you were a ''hillbilly country artist)...the cost to the industry from the change from 78's to 45's, the studio band costs, the fall out from the musicians union strike. That's before you even look at Hank Williams and his life.....died at 29, just before the first wave of rock and roll....a great read...a very detailed read at that....the sheer detail may put some people off the book but if you're into that type of thing and the history of music...and even have a passing interest in Hank Williams this would be worth checking out. Anyone have any other recommendations.......
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    New guitar day, today! This is a Gibson Custom Shop ES-335 - something I've been lusting after for many years but somehow, have never owned. Until now. Typically, you see these in red, but this sunburst one came along for a great price and I couldn't resist. Many call the ES-335 the most versatile electric guitar out there. I should have it in a week or so. Can't wait!
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    The Proud Pain of Tom Petty

    From the August 4 edition of The New Yorker -- "The Proud Pain of Tom Petty." http://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/tom-petty-proud-pain
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    So is the setlist. Sort of. Mounting included, but still. Same excitement level, in terms of artistic design. Main thing, a lot of it is affordable and it works ok.
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    Years and years ago I met a female friend outside Columbus, Ohio for a show on the Wildflowers tour. Looking back on it, the show was fairly unique for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. This was back before the Internet, before one learned how similar their shows were, even down to the banter, just pure enjoyment of the music on a balmy summer night. Polaris Amphitheater had good acoustics,, thick, rich guitar sounds flowing across the lawn as we danced and grooved to the music. The band seemed full of energy, from the lengthy jams in Mary Jane with moody Benmont intro, to Breakdown with the hit the road jack improv and the long jams of It's Good To Be King, which was still novel at the time. The two biggest surprises were Come On Down To My House, which rocked and Driving Down To Georgia, just two amazing blasts of music, and improvisation. I'm grateful they played both of those songs in the same night, the intensity of both CODTMH and Driving Down with the melodic and extended bridge and over the top, intense ending. If I remember correctly, Honey Bee was in the encore, with American Girl and the mellow farewell of Alright For Now. I wouldn't want every show to end with that little lullaby but it was special, there in the late August night. I have fond memories of the show, I happened to catch them in the early transition from the band they were before Greatest Hits and Wildflowers and Steve and yet still quite a ways away from being whatever they are now. Back then I knew that whatever show I saw from a new album and tour would be different from what had gone before. It wasn't as special as the first time I saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers but it was a very fun evening, the new songs sounding better live and mixing in well with the older material. I remember being on a natural high the next day, writing the set list down from memory and filing it away, it's somewhere amidst old books and knickknacks from a more innocent time.
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    Hot Peppers

    BTW, these peppers came from my own garden. I started the seeds way back in March in my Dining Room!!
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    I haven't been to the Forest Hills tennis stadium in Queens (NYC) for a concert yet. They remodeled it back in 2013 and I've heard it's a great place to see a show. Plus it's a quick train ride so we won't have to deal with parking.
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    Spoke to my friend today for the first time since he went to the show. The TD Garden show was his first Petty show and he said it was amazing and he now has an even greater appreciation for Mike Campbell. It's funny how people who don't know the true inner-workings of the band may not understand just how good the entire band is but especially MC. I have always said his humility has probably made him one of the most underrated guitarists ever. Guy is amazing.
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    Wow, they are just all over the place these days.....
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    Sweet Little Queen

    Photo of the Day Part III

    tompettyofficialHotel Alexander, Miami - July 1989 (šŸ“·: Aaron Rapoport)
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    1). Digital 2.) LPs 3.) CDs No tapes/streaming... but I do own one of their giant Laser Discs, LOL. I was pretty broke when I became a fan, so I recorded recordings and saved them. Eventually I replaced these with MP3s of the actual tracks. I have all of their music on my external hard drive... but when I listen to TP, I almost always go to the Live Anthology. I started collecting the LPs a couple years after I became a fan. I think I have all of the albums except Echo, Wildflowers, She's the One, Last DJ, and Hypnotic Eye. I currently don't have a turntable or speakers, so they just sit in storage. Funnily enough, I listen to Amazon Prime Music almost exclusively now, unless I want to listen to old MP3 downloads I have through Google Play Music. I don't even use Pandora or Spotify. I love Amazon Prime Music. I just listen to the basic one that comes with my Prime subscription. I don't pay for the extra music. Someday, I'd love to have an awesome stereo system to listen to my LPs on.
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    Came with a hard shell case. I've been playing the guitar for a few days now and really enjoying it.
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    CD's, but I prefer vinyl. Actually I like to own the original Reel to Reel Masters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Bump. Just in time for Berkley and LA, we need to bump this sad old thread. Because now may be the last time ever for this one - along with most of his cataloge of great, great songs - to ever be played. At least on a big stage. So, come on TP... bring You And I Will Meet Again for some of the last dates of this tour. A great song - I just refreshed my memory and ears of how incredible it is and how good it would fit the current sound, what with the Web sisters and all - and how generally cool it would be to take that - of all forgotten songs (they just don't feel like forgotten songs, they ARE) - up for a show or two. Perhaps just replace it for one of the lesser hits from Wildflowers. That would increase the energy of the set a little and it would add a much welcome variety and counter balance to the WF bias of this tour. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt your legacy or image one bit to do so! Quite the opposite. Of all the never played songs, this should be one of the catchiest and it's from one of your most sold and most well known LPs too. Although any of all dosens and dosens of Let Yourself Gos, Deliver Mes, Finding Outs, You Tell Mes, Flirting With Times, Let Me Ups, Jammin Mes, Don't Do Me Like Thats, Wasted Lifes and what have yous, would be sooo great to hear as well, as far as I'm concerned. (A rotating two songs spot on these multi-night shows wouldn't kill you, surely!) I am thinking of something TomFest wrote once, how "This is not a man that tolerates embarrassment on stage" (with regards to the supposedly unforgivable derailing of Fault Lines live) and how this refusal to embarrasing himself is why he doesn't generally vary his shows much. I mean.. sure... I bet there a lot to that. But seririously. I never expected him to play unrehearsed stuff (like some do) or to change all his set every night. Frankly, I am sure TP don't find 90% of his cataloge to be so much of an "embarrassment" that he don't even want to rehearse it and find a handful of gems that fit the current mind frame? Or his band to be too much of an embarressment to play anything outside the normal dozen or so songs. In fact, his is one of the best band in the world, a band who's members time and time again have hinted at how they would love to play some of all the stuff in the catalogue. And, in fact, TP's has been on record saying how they DO rehearse a lot of songs. (Unknown how many of those are originals, but again...) He can't find 90% of his own stuff to be that incredibly bad! (Come to think of it, the only half embarrassing songs that I can think of them bringing out would be Money Becomes King and the So You Want To Be A Rock'n'roll Star cover. But I guess that is just me taking stuff a bit too literally, right? I suppose at least the latter, lyrically, has even more self ironic qualities to a contemporary era TPATH, than they even did when the pop sensations The Byrds made the song famous a long time ago. But the former, well.. how can that even be understood, in the light of what a TP live show has become since those Olympic shows of 2002? (And, no, I'm not saying specifically that money has become king to TP, personally. Just that "money" has taken over the whole thing and killed it all but dead. After all, behind every single argument I've ever been met with, explaining why TP has stopped taking his live act anywhere, to the point of growing rust, has always ended up in a dark alley leading to.... money! One way or the other. Even the misconceptions about what the only ways to make it may be. The same old story down there. Money.) ) If anything, the surprise show of songs like Something Big, When The Time Comes, Have Love Will Travel, Ange Dream in recent years - and this year's Rockin' Around With You too - seems to suggest there is more than room in the hearts and souls of TP's fans to rotate in some of all his untouched material here and there. Rockin' Around With You was a good start - and an obviously good pick for this tour - so now, please Tom, add two or three more for the last stretch..! Maybe you guys even find time to think You And I Will Meet Again over? I know, these things are nowadays booked, planned, scripted and programmed a year or two in advance, down to every single F#m7 -- how annoying it must be that BT keeps playing from the heart, breaking the agreement at times, or that MC too hits some passionate stray notes at times. I guess it's all written down and signed off, as part of your Live Nation contract ("I hereby promise not to smoke on stage, not to use the f-word unless forced to and not to play any song that we haven't run by the Live Nation in advance and/or isn't part of our patented Greatest Hits package.") I respect that. (Or do I?) It's just that.. out here, some of us can't help keep thinking about all this as music, as rock'n'roll..! We can't help hoping that one day you and I will meet again, as it were. And until then, I really wait for more than 14 Farmers to sign this petition. I mean, come on... quit monkey around! (After all - this is not a zoo, it's a Farm!) Please? Please!! ...please
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    That's a beauty. Hope you get loads of pleasure from it.
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    It's what one does when they have a treasure trove of hits the audience loves. No one's been saying skip all the hits, or even a majority of them, it's what's played between the hits that offer up such potential for this band with the level of musicianship they have. And the order, every night a diff....yawn..zzzzzzzz.
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    Hot Peppers

    Love this stuff, guys! Myself, I'd take turnip greens over candy any day...!
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    Hot Peppers

    Pretty and yum! I love to see home canned garden stuff in jars. I always think it's so pretty. LOL I have a garden (weedy) this year with a bunch of Honey Baby Butternut Squash (trying out for flavor since I use them mostly for pseudo pumpkin pies), Poblano Peppers (These I usually broil, take the skins off, and then freeze and use for fajitas. Some I use fresh for stuffing them), and then a bunch of Tomatoes! I started all of these from seed back in March-ish sometime. I did a packet of Heirloom Mix (fun surprises!) and a packet of Brandywine. I also have a few volunteer tomatoes from last year I let grow. I'm not sure what they are yet, except some of them will be cherry tomatoes! I think I have around 16 tomato plants (that aren't volunteers), 8 Poblano plants, and maybe like a dozen Honey Baby Butternut Squash? Not sure. I need to get out there and check I'm in Ohio and I'm just now getting some tomatoes from my garden... but there are tons of green ones. We're about to be flooded. I might have to get my Dad to can some or something. LOL. I love gardening but don't have the energy or strength. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us! I'm not completely full of Tom Petty... I do love other things, too. Sort of.
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    Will there be a live release?

    Hu? Yeah, Satisfaction is twice as old as Running Down a Dream, but still has been beaten to death no more than almost exactly as many times. That is great job by TP, competing on a level of conformity unknown and unwanted to most artists with either a developing curve or integrity. (The former of which I personally do not think can be said in full about RS, which even more speaks for TP for beating them at the game of behaving like a has been.) Still most artists would kill to have a song like those to beat to death, so.. I guess.. it's whats called the suspended animation of rock classics dilemma. You want that song, but you don't want to kill it dead. At least not until it's 50 years old and you long since ceased to record fresh new music. (And at least in that latter account, TP deserves the more honarable mention and prize, for having recorded more interesting albums in total than RS (I really think, in terms of album quality), in less than 4/5th of the time, no less. Impressive!! But all the more sad and remarkable then, about what the TP live display has become during the latter half of the career. Again - waste and routine are the key words. It's a gas gas gas. No shit.)
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    Very nice!! I just got back from Virgil Lay's in Akron, they put 12 saddle bridges on 2 of my RIC 12 strings. While there I looked at a sunburst 335 that looks quite the same. I forget how much they wanted for it, prices were flying all around as I looked at many guitars. Congrats on the new guitar.
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    8/5/17 The Beatles
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    2017 Tour Videos

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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    8/3/17 1 of my fav's by The Byrds
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    I like it! Good job, thanks!
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    Random Thoughts Thread

    When will it end? When will this charade stop being accepted as the new normal??? (And no, I'm not talking about TP's live set!)
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    Watching a band live is the best way to appreciate the genius behind the sound. My wife is so excited. She really did love the Beacon show for her, this is the show she wants to see. So many songs that she knows. Our son is sleeping at a relative's house and we are heading over to the show very early tomorrow. Taking the train and grabbing an early dinner and a couple of adult beverages before heading in to see Wolf & TPATH. We're making it a nice little event.
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    ******Spoiler alert if anyone doesn't want to read any setlist info below.***** Last night, You Got Lucky was replaced with Into The Great Wide Open. ....
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    Yeah, great, thanks! Made my day. Cool and fun thing for MC. A little playtime break from being the cog in the big routine/machine he's otherwise stuck with. How cool!!
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    Wow! That's amazing! What a cool little (big!) thing to happen. Thanks for sharing the neat story.
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    On Stage Time?

    Thanks for the info guys! Much appreciated.
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    I like to regard myself as a bit of a "setlist casualty" actually, now when you're mentioning it.....
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    So glad to read that!! Amazing. Thinking we all got our stories with this band. If you (all of us) are lucky, it won't be the last time. Just the last time with a huge format tour. My guess is that, great as it is, you would not miss it too much, if next time is smaller scale and more intimate and perhaps a few other songs. It won't be too bad, I'm sure! Here's to the past and the future of this band!!!
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    Have they said if HC members are going to get a download of live material from this tour? I don't recall reading that.
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    Caught one, You Got Lucky from Red Rocks...sounded great
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    Earl Thomas

    Tour Annoucement (6/24/17)

    I can certainly say that I was quite annoyed when they announced the second night. I spent for airfare, a car and a 6th row seat for what was hyped as the 'last' show in the tour. Then once they sell it out there is miraculously a second show announced.....this may be the way the 'game' is played but it is disingenuous to the fans and really makes it feel like a cash grab. Will i buy a ticket for the 2nd night? 95% + chance that i will because I wanted to be at the last show. My guess is that more than 50% of the people going to the original 'last show' will be also going to the 2nd night and that is likely a low estimate...had I known this was going to happen i would have bought a 'cheap' seat for the 1st night and a really good seat for the last night....
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    Did he bring it back? Or do I gotta sign my name on this thing again to really put the pressure on Tom?! And look, I like "stretched out solos" as much as the next guy... but you can't tell me that he can't chop that last 8 minutes off "It's Good To Be King" to make room for "Will Meet Again" and maybe something like Swingin'.
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    Just rediscovered this song during an ITGWO playthrough and was shocked at how much I liked it this time around... so with that being said, time for another bump. 13. CrescentMoonFever
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