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  2. This is the one guitar that I would bag if possible.
  3. I'm fortunate to have 4 lovely acoustics that cover all my needs. Collings C10, Martin 00028EC, Furch OM34 and Gibson J45. Really, it's best I just practice and get better because a vintage this or a sparkling that is a temporary pleasure. I always fancied a black Everley Brothers Gibson J180, but do I need it? Hell no.
  4. Yeah, no wonder! Most acts tend to have their shows' crisp edges somwehat blurred some twenty shows in. Then again, to others it happens already after three or four shows.
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  6. I got Free Fallin'. No idea how.
  7. No, I'm sure I've never walked away from a Tom Petty concert disappointed. But certainly, who wouldn't want to hear more songs, and different set lists? I just don't drone on about it endlessly. No offense.
  8. Any chance that someone can share the Fenway Park 2014 and Mudcrutch live 2016 download with me?
  9. 2/25/17 Happy Birthday George Harrison
  10. Also "The Waiting" but I don't feel that this song describes me best.
  11. Bummer! I want one, too!!
  12. Last week
  13. I also got The Waiting, very accurate!
  14. LOL - I am The Waiting - one of my favorites!
  15. My result is Rebels I like this here the game
  16. TomFest, I understand everyone's different in how they appreciate live music. Two questions: 1) You weren't at all disappointed that TPATH mainly played the same thing both nights with minimal variation? 2) Would you have preferred them to mix it up but were happy with what you get regardless, just enjoying the music and the good times in the great locale? For fans of TPATH, having the latter perspective seems to be the better one to have. When I saw TPATH over multiple nights in 06 I was disappointed they mainly played the same set, but at least I got lucky (pun intended) when they performed Melinda one of those shows. What a good song. cheers
  17. One more. Tom and The Heartbreakers design and build an acoustic and an electric guitar for sell to the public. It would be their exclusive design, not a knockoff of any guitar out there. The pickguard would have their logo and the headstock truss rod cover would have their name. George Harrison called Fred Gretsch and did the same thing for a Traveling Wilbury guitar, so why not TPATH? This would be a very good retirement project for the band (which I hope doesn't happen for many more years), but it's a thought. I can see Tom and the boys on QVC right now pitching TPATH
  18. Here's another idea for TPATH to make and sell at concerts and their online store. TPATH Flags! The original colorful logo in sizes 3' X 5' and larger for fans to fly in the manner of Camp Wilbury!!
  19. Here's what I'd like to see. Andy Babiuk wrote a book on "Beatles Gear", i believe he also wrote one on the Rolling Stones. I'd like to see him write a book on all the gear Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers have used over their career. The guitars alone would probably be over 1000 pages!!!! Then add all the amps, mics, effect pedals, keyboards and that would make one hell of a book to rival "The Bible"
  21. That was my experience exactly. I saw both shows at the Gorge on that tour and the Black Crowes did not repeat a song from the first night to the 2nd. And Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers put on one of the greatest rock shows I'd ever seen up to that point. I wouldn't change a thing....from either band.
  22. An old concert review touching on the same issue though not complaining about it, basically espousing the virtues of different approaches to set lists. Certainly I don't expect nor want TPATH to be the Black Crowes but a happy medium between the two was possible. TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS/ THE BLACK CROWES 6/30/2005: SPAC, SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY August 5, 2005 by Shawn Donohuein Concert ReviewsComments Off On the Eastern rim of the Adirondacks, the scenic gem of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center was sold out and loaded with the dedicated fans of two nationally respected touring acts; neither of which has released an album of new material in over 3 years. Both bands have amassed strong catalogs of songs, and both possess a deep understanding of “rock and rollers” in the true sense who have come before them. Yet in their live performance the bands are Ying and Yang in their styles. One loves to mix it up and experiment in their set, and one sticks to the tried and true formula of “play your hits and play them well.” Both bands submerge themselves in roots rock from the past and both are still engaging performers of their own music in the present, admittedly in different ways. The Black Crowes 65-minute set consisted of expressive guitar work from these newly reformed titans of southern sounds. Chris Robinson’s soulful voice along with Marc Ford’s melodic guitar set the stage early with climbing versions of “Thorn in My Pride” and the excellent “Sometimes Salvation.” The Crowes live in the moment and play to their dedicated fan base, eschewing the “hits” for deeper cuts, and playing new setlists every night out. Since reforming earlier this year, they have toured non-stop, reminding those who had forgotten, that they can be one of the most powerful bands on the planet. Their closer “Remedy” sealed the deal and lifted the crowd for the upcoming Petty set. If you were a casual fan and disappointed by not hearing “Hard to Handle,” and were worried that Tom Petty would perform a set of obscure tunes and ancient covers, you had nothing to worry about. Petty and the Heartbreakers performed all of the songs you’ve been hearing in long car rides for 20 years. The words were shouted out loud by the 25,000+ on hand for the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s set. People were crowding the aisles to sing along with all the classics, from “Listen To Her Heart” to “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.” Both young and old seemed truly impressed with the classic rock staples, only the low volume of the acoustic portion of the show seemed to tame the massive crowd. Sprinkling in standard rock covers of “Gloria” and “Knocking on Heavens Door” kept the sing-alongs flowing. Petty’s show isn’t changing any time soon and judging by the crowd reaction the fans wouldn’t have it any other way. With Petty blowing kisses and Mike Campbell playing cutting guitar leads the summer night ended, and two bands showed that different approaches to playing live can succeed in delivering the goods to a packed house. Black Crowes Photo by Adam Foley
  23. Oh well. Maybe someone else will chime in on what was certainly a unique concert, especially for TPATH.
  24. I have three acoustics. My favorite is the Takemine EF381C 12-String: But if I could have any acoustic, I'd want this Rickenbacker that Ricky Nelson had:
  25. I've never actually played a J160e that I liked - either Gibson or Epiphone. I find them to be more percussive than musical. As you said, very brassy. But very Beatley.
  26. I don't keep track of all the shows I go to and don't write down set lists, that's why I asked Marion if THIS SHOW was the one we went to. I'm there to see and experience the show and meet people. Sorry, I don't keep records of all that happens. After more than 100 shows, they all seem to blend together.
  27. I think my fav 6 string acoustic is the old and INexpensive Epiphone EJ160. It's the ONLY guitar (acoustic or electric) that The Beatles ever played on EVERY LP they ever made. I have this guitar and that brassy sound is amazing. I'll be back with other acoustics that I'd like to have.
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