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  2. 3/29/17 It's Cheap Trick week!
  3. Your video will start to dry and I'll Drive about a minute you can really feel the Hydroluxe cream tightening effective but it's also extremely tiring you have to get one quite often it and then oliveira so healing for the skin so it's just the combinations and what it so much I want to see the penis of my skin is starting to feel a little bit so great ok so once my little a lousy ry dry and like I said it takes about a minute on Hydroluxe cream video where and I did with a really good little thread with a dirty hydrating this and it includes Heimlich acid now includes ..
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  5. Years ago Fender came out with a rosewood Tele and I bought one, but it was nowhere near 12K. I still have it.
  6. Remember some years back when the Gibson Custom Shop re-issued the Eric Clapton ES-335 from his "Cream" days? One of the guys in my band bought one. It was also over $12,000. I asked his wife if she would adopt me, but sadly she declined.
  7. I agree, the price is way out of hand!!!!
  8. with less than a month to this year's event, I guess it's more or less official that no Mudcrutch or TP&TH release will be featured on RSD. at least there's nothing on the various official lists of releases. bummer. I would really, really have appreciated a Mudcrutch live LP. listening to files will never ever compare. TP of all people should know this.
  9. You gotta be kidding me! 12,000???
  10. You can tell from the smell Can you smell the alcohol? This is it We need to Hydroluxe Serum rebuy all the products if you run out of them and we will be practicing on the mannequin not on real person We use just water on both cotton pad when we practice But if you are practicing on actual person, make sure you use alcohol cotton pad Okay? These are both water cotton pad right now Let's sanitize Hydroluxe Serum hand with this one for now ..
  11. Email them again. They are very good about responding. The downloads come from Warner and the Fenway show is 48/24 and the Mudcrutch live material was 96/24. Excellent material particularly the Mudcrutch 'concert'. I would have loved more from the shows at the Fonda but they stitch it together so it sounds like it was one show. Randy
  12. Poetry (Ray Davies)
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  14. 3/27/17 Heaven Tonight Live From Daryl's House
  15. 3/27/17 This weeks LP is titled "Innuendo" by Queen.
  16. Thank you, Nel! Today, after our Therapy Dog Drop-In Class....we signed up for Agility Classes! It looks like such fun!
  17. Really cool guitar, but at a crazy high premium price of $12,500. And heavy too - 9 lbs. I'll have to pass.
  18. It would be cool if someone had the Sunday night show from the Fonda Theater. Stephen Stills showed up and played the last two songs with them. It was a very electric night and having gone to both nights it was really a special show. Randy aka Earl Thomas
  19. * My thoughts exactly on the film and POTUS45!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. "A Face In The Crowd" is, well, kind of a disturbing film.. The acting is incredible. Andy Griffith is so convincing as Lonesome Rhodes. It's long been one of my favorite films. However, it's a little too close to what's happening in our government right now.
  21. Fantastic, Beth! And Malaika sure is a beautiful girl.
  22. Yep, it's an awesome live recording and I've been enjoying it since last July. Thanks again for your generosity, Marion!
  23. 3/24/17 It's Friday again, so lets watch a legend in concert. Tonight's show features Chuck Berry at The Roxy 1982. Enjoy the show!!
  24. Take a look:
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