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  2. Great to see you again, keep in touch. We'll have to get together again. How about LA for a TPATH show? Let me know and I'll be there. Hope to see you soon.
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  4. 6/24/17 This weeks show features The Kinks from the Biography Channel.
  5. 6/24/17 Larry Williams and The Beatles
  6. Probably just announce new shows at the Hollywood Bowl in LA.
  7. Ugh... Zombie Zoo is a huge part of FMF for me. I honestly love that song and I find it unfortunate Tom hates it so much. He might have been referring to "A Mind With a Heart of its Own" in that interview, from what I remember he just said it was a song at the end of the album, and those are the two that I don't think he ever played live? Could be wrong. But yeah. Waiting for Tonight is way too good to have been left off the original, but I still wouldn't touch it. Add it to a bonus disc, if you ask me.
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  9. I got an HCC email saying: "Exciting Tour Announcement Coming Saturday Night! Get ready for an exciting announcement regarding the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 40th Anniversary Tour - coming this Saturday night, June 24th!" They never sent anything out like this when they added new dates, so I can't think it would be any extra dates. A filmed concert for DVD? Live album? Special Guest at some shows? Stevie? Any ideas? At any rate, we'll know by tomorrow night. Haha! I'm excited.
  10. Damn right. Considering the "in progress" time for All The Rest, and that nothing is likely to be even started, until said project either comes out or are being shelved, it's a safe bet that we won't see any FMF deluxe this side of 2023. But still. It would be totally great, and I definitely agree that an expanded version, adding perspective, would be much preferable to any version replacing stuff from this fantastic original. (A good model would be what was made to Damn the Torpedoes. Or even better - what was recently done to Stevie's Bella Donna. That, in short, is e-x-a-c-t-l-y how it's done. One disc album, one disc related extras, one disc live from the era. )
  11. When you moved into your 1st house, what music (band) were you listening to as you moved in your belongings?
  12. I haven't seen anymore on it either. But I can't see dropping Zombie Zoo, just add "Waiting For Tonight" as a bonus track. They could even add more bonus tracks recorded at that same time. It may take quite a bit of time to hear more about this reissue, especially if they add more bonus tracks and try to remix the whole LP. That could take more years than it took to record, mix and release the original. Let's just keep it in the back of our minds and hope it becomes a reality.
  13. A while back on Sirius/XM, Tom mentioned during an interview about him working on a reissue of Full Moon Fever which would drop Zombie Zoo in favor of Waiting for Tonight which is what he originally wanted on there. I'm sorry if this has been discussed on here already, but I can't seem to find anything about it when I search. Thank you! -NolaDeej
  14. 6/23/17 Larry Williams
  15. Last week
  16. Yeah, always an honor to listen to this man, speak or play! "That's precisely why I play mysic! For that! Just for that!" Well.. if hearing about John and June sitting in church during "Hurt" recording session there, didn't bring a tear to my eyes, that part about why Ben plays, kinda did. As it turns out our beloved Ben may have his own little denial complex to wrestle there.. or just a very deep hidden away frustration with his task with the Heartbreakers standard formula. Good thing he is Mr Magic and plenty in demand in various studios at least, but still, it's not quite the same as walking the line (pun?) live, I guess. My thoughts exactly! Turns out a fantastic song kinda went unreleased this way. Too bad. As I hear it, it would have been one of the two or three best tracks on there too... oh, well.
  17. 6/22/17 Kings Of Leon
  18. ^ turned out next to no one cared. big headlines, no consequences. we live in deeply stupid times.
  19. And they still do live music from time to time too... here's a few random examples..
  20. In the name of trying to make the world a better place, I was gonna try to direect all your attention towards one of the last beacons of actual real radio. With great, wonderful music too! And the DJ's actually play the music themselves. AND answers the phone! So, when the big screens go black for the day... welcome to the real life last dj of our times, the one and only K-PIG radio, Freedom, California.* Remember where you heard it first! (I first hear it in 2004, myself). The best radio station I have ever heard. Quite frankly. (Sorry Tom, brand radio can never compete, even if you got the best one there is.) Anyway, here goes.. --- *Chanses are that unless you are within reach of FM 107.5 out there, you may have to pay/get the app and whatever. But that may be the best money you will ever spend.
  21. some chilling out coming up
  22. 6/21/17 This weeks LP is "Friday On My Mind" by The Easybeats.
  23. great pics nurk
  24. I listened to this interview yesterday. It was good! Benmont is such a cool guy and downplays his own talent. I loved they lyrics he put to Wobbles. I hope he will release it officially.
  25. I would love to see her become a regular DJ! I have always loved The Bangles anyway and was very impressed by their talent so it was interesting to see where some of her influences came from in her music and who her heroes are. She listens to her music in the same way I do so I loved her commentary. Great stuff!
  26. "there's corruption on the highest floor" Neil Young in Sun Green, on Greendale. (Just seems fitting, as we sit and watch democracy slowly taken away from us, brick by brick, to think of a fictional character that actually did something.)
  27. While waiting for upcoming events (with all the exciting songs that are gonna be played and all the fun that will shake up the experience in Hyde Park and what not), here's even more goodies in the shape of wonderful photos and videos!
  28. Cool, thanks for the heads up Here's some more related nice pics and videos:
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